From Boring To So Very Exciting #2

————————————Mark’s Side————————————


* About 2 months before the wedding we talked about not fucking or even playing with each other as much to make our wedding night special. It had been a long time since Traci had her pussy special like I loved it and I gave up trying to figure out how to get it that way. Her tiny pussy was tight as ever and the night we talked about cutting down sex Traci told me she even tried to make her pussy like I wanted it. She had even tried using her little fist on her pussy just to try to loosen it up for me. Traci said she did it three or four times and I did remembered a couple times she felt just a little loose but not by much. I couldn’t believe how much she loved me that she would actually use her fist like that and I told her it had to come natural. I kissed her a long kiss and told her that even if she got herself loose like that there wouldn’t be any of that natural cream her pussy creates. Her pussy only has that cream when something turns her on so much that it gets her that way. I held her tight and begged her not to use her fist on herself anymore because she could hurt herself doing that. I loved her too much for her to hurt herself like that just to make me happy.

* Traci was holding me around my neck and lightly kissing it and whispered she just wanted to see me happy. My heart overflowed with love for the girl that would hurt her own pussy just to make me sexually happy. That was when I came up with the idea to shut down all sex until the wedding night and told her about it saying that it would make the wedding night so much more amazing for both of us. I smiled and told her that we both would be so horny we would fuck all night long and into the next morning even. Traci pouted at me saying that she didn’t want to go two months without us at least fooling around with each other a little. I told her if it got to be too much for her that I would go down on her just a little bit to release the pressure of the horniness so she wouldn’t go crazy. I smiled as I told her to just let me know when it got to be too much and I would take care of it for her. Traci smiled and softly whispered that it wouldn’t be fair to me if I just went down on her because I might have the same problem once in a while too. Then she said that when I got too much pressure in my balls that she would be more than happy to take the pressure away and giggled smiling at me. I told her it was a deal that if I got too horny I would let her know about it and she would do the same. I was so tired of taking care of it myself like I did for so many years before we met.