At The Office

I acquired a job to set up a new office with its computers and was told someone would be waiting for me. I was overwhelmed at first sight when this middle-aged woman introduce herself as Shirley. There was something about her that I could not explain, but was attracted to her straight away. If it was her happy smile or her shoulder length blond hair or the clothes she was wearing I did not know, her skirt was long and red and her blouse black with white flowers. It was knotted at the front over a black top that emphasized her magnificent breasts.
I set to work sorting out the mess the removal men had left after dumped everything and Shirley sat at a desk taking calls and chatting to me all morning. Lunchtime came and she offered to go out for sandwiches for the two of us and while eating she basically interrogated me about my life without me knowing. I was twenty, verging on being a computer nerd, worked for myself, had little social life because of work and somehow extracted how many times I have had sex. I was no virgin but I could count all my conquests on one hand.
I went back to work and every time I walked past her, I kept noticing her long red skirt a little higher up her leg until I saw she was wearing stockings. Fuck, I thought to myself, she is sexy hot. She would keep crossing her legs, making her skirt rise even more and flashed a little more leg each time. Then I saw her black suspenders against her pale white leg coming out of her stocking tops. On purpose, I knelt down next to her desk pretending I was looking at the wires coming out of the floor. Although I have had sex I had never had a good look at a woman’s pussy and I was mesmerized by looking at it.
Shirley seemed that immersed in her telephone conversation that she did not seem to realize she was swinging from side to side on her swivel chair and I kept getting a quick flash between her legs. Both her legs came on to the floor and started to part as she swung, I could just make out the darkness between her legs, most likely her black panties.
“Do you like” Shirley asked with her hand over the phone
“Do you like” she asked again
“Do I like what?”
Just then her hand started to pull her skirt up and her legs parted more
“This, Do you like it”
I did not know what to say
“Yeeess, it’s verry nice,” I said as I stuttered with my words
Shirley seemed to sense I was the shy nerves type and started to pull up her skirt with both hands while she jammed her phone between her shoulder and ear; there it was in all its glory, her hairy dark bush and no panties.
“Yes that will be fine,” Shirley said in to the phone
She just sat there talking away on the phone with her legs apart letting me stare at her private bits, then she started to lift a leg on to the computer tower sitting on the floor next to her desk. Shirley’s pussy was fully exposed and I could see her lips sticking out from her vast hairy bush that spread up towards to her tummy.
She grabbed her mobile and fiddled with it before passing it to me, it was set on the camera and she gestured for me to take some photos. This was seriously hot, a woman I had only met and now I am taking photos of her hairy fanny. She finished her phone call and gestured for her phone back, fiddled with it and handed it back to me. It was set on video and she started to run her fingers through her hairy bush before rubbing and stretching and massaging her fanny lips. She used both hands and pulled at her lips before running her finger against the inside walls of her pussy, she certainly knew how to tease and seeing her playing like this had me hard and ready to burst out from my trousers.
In all the excitement I stopped the recording somehow and I give Shirley her phone back, she had more to offer and handed it back to me on camera again, stood up, undid her skirt and took it off each foot while giving me a lovely sight to feast my eyes on.
Shirley lifted her leg back on to the tower computer, stretching her pussy wide for me and I took photos from beneath. From this angle, I could see her pale rounder tummy exposed under her wide suspender belt that made her look even sexier.
Then she stood up and started to lift her top up and her big cream bra came in to sight as I clicked on the phone. She pulled the bottom of her bra out and over her tits, and what tits she had 36 or 38 DD or E at the least. They hung down, all full and soft looking with lovely big hard nipples.
This posing was having some affect on me, my cock strained inside my boxers while seeing this woman stood in front of me and showing every thing she had. The way her black wide suspender belt with many suspenders stretched her stocking tops and framed her dark hairy pussy was unbelievably erotic. She never said a word, while she stripped and posed, just smiled broadly at me.
Shirley started to walk and pose about the office and as she did her top fell back down to cover her lovely tits back up. She kept bending over and I kept taking photograph of her in all positions. Then she came back towards me and swiped all her work to one side on her desk and sat on top of it.
She raised one leg on to the desk next to hers and rested back down on to her elbows then raised her other leg on to her desk. Her pussy was fully exposed and she started to lick her lips. Hoping I had read her instructions correctly, I sunk to my knees in between her stretched out legs, dropped the phone and kissed the soft flesh spilling out from her stocking tops. She did not object and I kissed my way up her leg, I could not hold back to kiss her bulging lips sticking out from her bush. She was warm and moist and squirmed about on her desk, pushing herself on to my face. I buried my tongue as far into her swollen love lips as possible, flicking and vibrating it against her pussy walls like they do in the videos I watch. I slid my hands under her legs and held her tight on to my tongue while lapping and sucking at the dripping honey pot of a pussy that Shirley was offering to me.
Shirley moaned out aloud and her thrusting off the desk increased in to my face, it was when I touched her clit she screamed out, I flicked it many times while she got louder and louder. By now, she was panting and I begin to suck her clit in to my mouth while my tongue kept flicking it. She was on the edge of coming and screamed out when she had, all I could hear was her heavy panting as I moved off her clit and lapped at her love box, sucking and licking her nectar from her honey pot of a pussy.
“Fuck Me,” she cried out
I stood up undid my jeans and slid my boxers down far enough to get my very erect cock out, it was poised at the entrance to her hairy love hole and I could feel her pushing up against it. It parted her lips with easy as the big bulbous end speared her and I pushed it all the way in, in one go. She gives an involuntary jerk and gasp as I filled her
“Fuck yes, again” she cried out
So I did another thrust in to her just as hard
She had a tight pussy inside, sliding down my shaft and I knew I was not going to last long. I slid my hands under her tops and pushed them over her tits, my fingers were fully stretched around her tits just to hold on to them.
Shirley’s legs wrapped around my back, lifting herself up and pulling us tighter together with each thrust, I made. She was still on her elbows looking wildly at me as I stretched her pussy with every thrust and still licking her lips in a suggestive way.
“Shit Shirley, I’m going to come”
“Not in me” she shouted
She hurriedly moved her legs and I pulled out
“Squirt it over me”
I took hold of my cock and pushed it through my clenched fist, that was enough for the first squirt to pump out; it squirted with force, a thin jet, missing her pussy and suspender belt and landing on her tummy. The next one a little shorter and on to her suspender belt before the full flow started to pump out and on to her hairy bush.
I wanked myself dry, leaving a puddle of hot creamy cum soaking in to her hair just above her swollen lips.
Shirley lowered herself flat on to the desk and her hand smeared my cum in to her bush then grabbed my semi hard cock and started to milk any last little drops of cum from it. She rubbed my sensitive cock end up between her lips, smearing the last drops of cum on to her lips.
Just then, the phone rang and Shirley answered it while still playing with my cock, I could not believe how calm she was while laid flat on her desk talking. It went on for some time but she never let go of my cock, truth be knowing she was making me hard again. I started to rub up against her and grabbed hold of her tits again, playing with her nipples.
Shirley started to push my cock down towards her love hole and position herself to take my length back inside. I pushed in again and started to fuck her while she was still on the phone. I could hear her breathing increasing and the thrill of it all was making me excited
“Yes, just hold on I moment can you” she said in to the phone
With her hand over the receiver, she whispered, “You can come in me this time” and went back to her conversation. I took hold of her waist, feeling the soft silky suspender belt and started to thrust my cock hard in to her while pulling her down on to my cock. Her legs came around my back again holding on for grim life.
Shirley had an affect on me and my young cock and I have never wanted to fuck a woman so badly, my cock felt and looked extra big and hard with the thrill and excitement of my first time fucking the same woman twice.
I was like a steam train piston, ramming my cock back and forth faster and faster in to her love hole and all this time her whole body shook on the desk with her tits bouncing and wobbling wildly about. I was building up to an almighty orgasm; my balls were building up pressure and were going to burst any time soon.
I give one last mighty push in to her and came, exploding deep inside, she grunted and put her hand over the receiver again while trying to get her breath back. Her fanny muscles milked my cock like there was no tomorrow, wave after wave rippled along my cock and increasing as her breathing increased
“Sorry I will have to call you back, there’s a slight emergency here”
Shirley covered the phone and screamed out
“Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss”
Torrent after torrent pumped from my cock, it twitched and bucked inside her and I started to gently thrust back in to her, wanting to squirt and pump it as far inside as I could.
Her fanny muscles were still nipping my cock even tighter and she started to pant more and more
“OH Fuck, I’m coming again”
She let out a howl and grunt then her legs tightened that tight I could not thrust any more in to her pussy
“Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss” bounced off the walls of the empty office as her orgasm took control of her body. Her fanny was awash with her love juice and that full it started to make little burping sounds after our frantic fucking.
She lay there on the table, legs around my back, coupled on to my cock panting hard, I reached for her tits, rubbed and pulled on her erect nipples, thinking how I would of loved to have sucked on them.
Shirley looked spent as my over worked cock began to soften inside her and a wetness started to run down between us. Her feet came back down on to the desks and I moved out from her grip, Shirley kept her legs apart and her pussy was wide open with a river of our love juice running down on to her desk.
Her hand went down on to her fan and started to massage our cum in to her hairy bush before I saw her lick her fingers clean and give a dirty, wicked smile.. I helped her up of the hard desk, she must have felt sore, me banging her on to the hard top, but she never showed it.
“I better be quick” she said after clamping her hand on to her leaking pussy and rushed to the toilet.
A few minutes past and she returned, not uncomfortable to wander around without her skirt, how sexy she look with her hairy pussy and stocking on show and came and kissed me hard.
“Same again tomorrow” Shirley asked and I nodded before embracing her again.
Fucked in office