I’ve found myself thinking about Dawn even more that I usually do lately. Maybe that’s because it’s less than a week until it will be 5 years since I lost her. I love and miss her so much even now and find myself remembering many of the things we did … both in the lifestyle and out as well as fantasying about the things I so wish we could have tried.
I was remembering the time pretty soon after Dawn and I had experienced out first “lifestyle event” together which are actually posted my first two stories here.
I had known Jake from working with him a few years before when we again worked at the same place. Dawn also worked there which is how she’d met him. Anyway … after our first “encounter” Dawn and I often talked about what it was like and how much we both enjoyed it and hoped we would get to experience more fun times. I don’t remember the exact set of circumstances except that for some reason I got off work early that morning and decided to surprise Dawn instead of calling and telling her. Well as it turned out it was indeed quite a surprise for us all and, as it turned out, a very “naughty” one. We were living in an apartment on the second floor and we had a dog who acted as our early warning system. He always barked when someone come to the door.
Well as it turned out Jake had stopped by to check and see if Dawn could do some sewing for him. My guess is that while she was measuring him he might have decided to play with her amazing tits and that combined with her remembering how good his 9″ long, nearly thick as a soda can, rock hard throbbing cock had felt the first time, she got very excited. When I came inside I saw her closing the bathroom door and told her I’d gotten to take the rest of the day off and ask if she wanted to “play”. I didn’t really hear what she said but as I turned the corner I thought I saw something moving around in the bedroom.
As it turned out it was Jake and he was not only naked but his cock was hard as a rock. I ask where Dawn was and about that time she put her arm on my shoulder and said she was sorry but before she could say any more I turned around and gently cupped her pretty face in my hands and told her that I wanted to take some pictures of her and Jake “playing” before joining in. They proceeded to pick up where they’d been when I got home and I got to watch Dawn as she kissed and licked and stroked and fucked that big cock for almost an hour until I just couldn’t wait to join them in bed.
About that time Dawn had finished cumming on Jake’s throbbing cock for who knows how long, she shifted over and slid down his leg with her cunt leaving a wet train all the way down until she shifted around, got between his legs and started to kiss and lick and suck her own sweet cunt cream off his cock. I got beside her and told her how amazingly hot, sexy and wonderful it was seeing have watched her fucking, stroking and sucking his big dick. Then I came up behind her and started rubbing the head of my dick all over her cunt lips before shoving it inside her. To this day it amazes me how her cunt could still feel so tight after riding his dick. I fucked her for nearly 45 minuets and I think she must have sucked at least 2 loads of cum out of him before she turned toward me and told me she needed to taste some more of her cunt cream on a cock. I pulled out of her and laid on my back and she motioned to Jake that she wanted to feel him inside her cunt again while she sucked on me. After a little while she ask if it would bother me to fuck her right after Jake filled her with cum and I told her that I was actually turned on thinking about it. She told me that he’d just filled her up again and wanted to ride me while she sucked all that hot, fresh fuck juice off his still rock hard, throbbing cock. She climbed on top and road and had Jake lay beside us where she could lean over and suck him. Some how he and I managed to cum at almost the same time and Dawn later told me that it was the wildest, most amazing sexual thing she experienced so far in her life. Feeling me cumming in her cunt while she sucked a load out of Jake’s cock.
We decided it was time to take a break and as is turned out Jake was on call for work that day so after we had played together for over 3 hours … he had to leave. Dawn and I talked abut “things” after he’s left and I told her that as long as she was open and honest about things it wouldn’t bother me if she had someone else.
Here are some pics of Dawn & Jake having some very “hot & naughty” fun. Hope you enjoy them and the story and feel free to leave some comments.
Funny the things you remember ... I came home earlFunny the things you remember ... I came home earl 2Funny the things you remember ... I came home earl 3Funny the things you remember ... I came home earl 4