by Williacj

Stevenson’s furniture store was up the street from my house on capitol drive, it moved into same building that housed the former Ruby Chevrolet car day I was walking through the parking lot and I looked in the window of the furniture store and I saw this lovely long black haired black woman showing furniture to some customers I was checking her out as I walked past.

She looked just like Shenelle Jones of the today show, I got curious I wondered if it was actually her and so I decided to go inside and I saw it was! I got enough courage to go up to her and introduce myself,”oh I’m Shenelle nice to meet you” she said shaking my hand.”well I was walking through the parking lot and I looked in the window and I saw you and I just wanna say you look amazing.” i told her.

Furniture Showcase

“oh thank you” she said, I knew i was too young for her, but I still thought she looked great.”If i was old enough for you I’d ask you out to lunch” i told her.”oh really?” she said chuckling.”I’m totally serious” i said to her.she turned to me.”lunch with a young man like you oh that would be nice.” she replied.

“you’re nice looking,that dress looks good on you I bet your boyfriend tells you that too.” i told her.”well I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment but thank you for the compliment, very nice” she said.”well I don’t wanna take up your time you have other customers to attend to so I’ll see you around.” i told her.

She stopped me.”oh you don’t have to leave hon, you’re not bothering me,we’re closed today for inventory but thank you for your compliments i’m really enjoying talking to you, I don’t meet guys like you especially one your age it’s so nice having a conversation with a handsome guy like yourself.” she added.

We continued talking and so forth, “are we the only people here?” i asked “yeah” she said”i’m gonna do inventory later today and then head home to do some house cleaning.” she said she turned to put something in the wastebasket I looked at her as she turned her head and she saw me out the corner of her eye checking her out.”do you get compliments from guys” i asked her.”not very often” she said”well you should because you look amazing” i said to her.
“are you just sayin that?” she asked”no i really mean it Shenelle lovely dress pretty eyes hair wow” i said.”oh thank you so nice of you to say that thank you it means a lot” she said.

“I’d like to get to know you more maybe we can hang out” i said she smiled”well i’m free the rest of the day if you want you can hang out with me here I just gotta do inventory” she replied. i agreed to stick around and so a few minutes later her and I went to the back of the store.”this is where we keep all of all of the overstock, we try to sell the furniture out there and when that’s gone we bring this merchandise out to the floor and sell it” she said she went over to a nearby couch.