If Birdie succeeds in changing the Program rules, the naughty futa will get a huge reward!

Futa Naked In School – Futa Changes the ProgramChapter Two: Birdie’s Hot Reward

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

President Birdie McTaggart, Monday

I stood poised to enter my student’s twat. Twenty-year-old Lola Lovell, President of the Purity Society, whimpered as I rubbed my futa-cock up and down the hot folds of her pussy. The pleasure shot down my dick to my own cunt.

I wasn’t allowed to do this. It went against the Naked in School Program’s rules. I was the president of Rogers College. Though the new sexual freed laws allowed public sex, the board of trustee didn’t want staff to take advantage of the students. If I wasn’t her president, I could fuck her barely legal twat to my heart’s content.

But I was.

It was why I was here. I glanced behind me at the board of trustee. The other members of the Perverts Society, naked as Lola, were working their whiles on the five members. Florinda Matos led them, a Hispanic futa who was staring down at her lap. Beneath the table, Sandra Murphy was poised to suck Florinda’s cock.

“Just let us fuck the professors and staff at our college!” moaned Lola. “I want to feel President McTaggart’s futa-cock fucking my pussy!”

“Please,” I groaned. “No one’s objecting. Make the decision.”

“Perhaps we could do a test run,” said Janet Carter, one of the four futas on the board. She stared at young Jamie Kelly with lust. The coed was sliding on to Janet’s lap. “You know, try it out tonight, Florinda, and then we can make our decision after getting a taste of these fine, young pussies.”

“Please, please, do that,” cooed Sandra. “Then I can suck your cock, Ms. Matos. Don’t you want to feel my mouth sucking hard on your dick? Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“I could fuck this big cock,” moaned Angela Smythe, the one woman on the board. She was eyeing Janelle Simpson’s clit-dick.

“Mmm, I bet you’ll suck me as good as my girlfriend will,” Janelle moaned.

“I will,” Angela moaned, licking her lips.

“You’re going to love Sandra’s blowjobs, Ms. Matos,” continued Janelle. “Just say yes.”

“Goddess, just say yes,” panted Marjorie Kemp. The futa stared with hunger at nubile Kylie Slivers leaning over the table. “I want to feel her mouth around my cock.”

“It’s decided,” Florinda moaned, “that the rule forbidding staff is lifted for this session as a test. We shall make our final ruling by Friday.”

The girls pounced on the futas. I groaned as I watched Kylie’s head leaned down the table while Sandra wiggled her ass as she worked up Florinda’s skirt. Jamie shuddered, clear the naughty schoolgirl had her pussy sliding up and down Janet Carter’s dick. Angela was on her knees sucking Janelle’s big dick while Violet Gardner, the last board member, slammed her cock into Asuka Kamigawa’s pussy, the Japanese girl moaning in delight.