There I was laying in my bunk, reading a book just enjoying my freetime. Moments later came a shadow that stood at the entrance to my cell. I looked over and saw my regular bitch standing there and looking at me. “What do you want?” I asked not paying much attention to him as he slowly entered. “I have something to say…” he said as he came to stand in front of me. “I’ve been approved…. i’ll be gone tomorrow… tonight is my last night..” I stopped reading for a moment before I continued, “So? What do you want from me? A congratulations?” I snapped back. He continued to stand there as I felt his eyes looking at me.. “Well.. I was wondering if you wanted to go one last time…” Another pause as I put my book aside and looked up at him. This would be the last time that we would see eachother so it was the least that I could do. “Come here…” I said as he bent over and got on top of me, leaning in as he looked me in the eyes. I grabbed his face and licked his lips and teased him. “Open your mouth….” I said as he obeyed. I slid my tongue in his mouth as he moaned, my tongue and his making contact as he started to throw himself onto me. His cock rock hard as it rubbed against mine. After making out we both got up as we both stripped off our clothes until we became completely naked. I stood there stroking my cock as I waited for him to take off his suit. Once he got it down to his ankles I got up behind him as I spat on my cock, pushed him up against the cell and I went ahead and pushed my cock in his ass. He let out moans as he felt my hard cock squeezing inside of him. “Fuck…. fuck me….” he begged. I slapped his ass and left my hand on his hips as I started to thrust slowly in and out of his tight ass hole. Being able to get my cock all the way in him I pulled out as I slapped his ass some more. “Come here.. taste your ass.” I demanded. he turned around and dropped to his knees as he took my cock in his mouth sucking it without hesitation. Looking down and seeing my cock in his mouth feeling the back of his throat made me so hard as I moaned loudly. “Fuck.. you’re such a slut…. you like that taste on my cock?” I asked as he moaned yes continuing to suck me. I pulled my cock out as I slapped his face and bent down to kiss him. My tongue again sliding in his mouth as we sucked eachothers tongues and lips. “Get up.. come here… give me that pussy… turn around….” I took him as I bent him over on the floor. He fell down to all 4s as I went ahead and got on top of him, grabbing my cock as I slid it in his asshole. Again, feeling the tightness around my cock as I let out another satisfying moan. “Fuck…. fucking tight ass pussy…” My hands on his shoulders as I started to fuck and pound him. His moans so loud as he was loving every second of getting fucked. “Fuck me yes…. fuck my ass… fuck my tight ass…” he let out. Both of us moaning together as we fucked, breathing so hard. Just then as I was slamming my cock in his ass from a behind, we were shortly interrupted as we saw a guard walk by as he stood and watched us. I gave the guard a look as I slowed down my pace, but then I picked it up again, continuing to fuck that ass. Looking him right in the face as i spoke, “What? Do you want some too?” the guard looked at me and then at the bitch i was fucking, as he gave us a smirk, “Fucking a****ls….” he said as he then turned and continued on with his routine. I pulled my cock out of him as he let out a loud moan and looked back at me. “Come here…. come sit on my cock…” I said as i went to lay down on my bed , my legs hanging off. He came and climbed on me, sliding my cock back in him instantly as he started to ride me. He went crazy on my cock, like he’d never done before as i slapped his ass and held on as he bounced up and down on me. “Oh fuck… oh fuck…. fuck yeah…. fuck that cock..” i moaned as he fucked himself. Slamming his ass down and the thrusting his hips back and forth. “oh….. you’re going to make me cum.. fuck … you’re going to make me cum…” I told him as that made him ride me faster. He leaned in and kissed me as he sucked on my lips, sweat dripping down his face as i looked him right in the eyes. “Let me fuck it.. let me fuck your ass… stay right there, im going to fuck it.. you fucking bitch.” He remained squatted and still as my cock slid in and out of him, my balls slapping his ass as i angry fucked him. “I’m going to cum… fuck im going to cum…” I repeated over and over. “Cum in me… cum in my ass… cum in my asshole…” he went ahead and grabbed my face and this time kissed me all over, sloppily licking my lips and then biting my lips. “You fucking bitch! fuck! you fucking bitch im cumming!!” I yelled. My cock pulling back as i started to pump cum in him. He slammed his ass down on my and took my cock all the way in ass as he felt my throbbing cock. My hands still holding onto his ass as he took my load. Both of us moaning as we remained still. “Oh fuck… holy fuck…. damn…. ” i repeated over and over, emptying what i had in him. my eyes closed as i let it all go and ass soon as i opened my eyes i found myself kissing him again as he was all over me kissing me as we made out some more. My cock remained in his ass and he continued to let him have his way with me being that this was his last time. I was expecting him to get off me any second now but he didn’t budge as he continued to kiss me. before I could move he started so bounce his ass on my cock again and i knew that he wanted more, he wanted to go again. he continued to slide his tongue in and out of my mouth aggressively as we kissed. “Fuck me… fuck me again..?” he asked as i couldn’t say no. “yeah…. you want more? you want more cock?” I asked. he nodded and started to fuck himself. Go crazy as he twerked and fucked his ass with my sore cock. All i could do was wince in pain as i grabbed onto his big ass bouncing on my dick. “Fuck!!!” i said as i let out , wrapping my arms around his body as i started thrusting and pounding him like crazy! Taking another 5 minutes of pounding him hard before both he and i came together as he shot his load all over my chest and i shot another load, right into his warm stretched ass hole. both of us, exhausted as he lay on top of me and i continued feeling his big smooth ass. “Im going to miss that cock in my ass…” he said as i laid there, knowing that i would miss fucking him too. I got up though as i left him there ass full of cum and used, as i put my clothes on and left him without saying thanking him for being such a good little bitch.