Genie Adventures 2  part 1
For a planned first time meeting with a web contact, i felt confident that Mike would show up at
my motel and the night would work out. Opening a new package of pantyhose and then slowly
pulling them over the soft smooth skin of my freshly shaved legs, i smiled to myself. Even if Mike
didn’t show up, getting a room so close to that seedy adult bookstore guaranteed me options for a
great time without him if necessary.
But i did hope that he would show up. i love having a date along to at least watch me teasing
and pleasing other men. Mike said that he’d even be glad to handle my small video cam or digital still
camera. It’s nice to have a white guy able to handle the atmosphere of ghetto partying with a clear
head since i know that I’ll be too wrapped up in the partying myself to do any good camera work.. Mike only drank beer if he drank at all.
Mike wasn’t a party prude though. And to really tip the scales in his favor, he said that he loved bbw sized ass crossdressers like myself. i just love to have a man’s helping hand with some deep lube preparations for my ass on “a movie and photo shoot hunt” like i planned for the night. With or without Mike.
i had almost finished my makeup when my phone rang. Great! He just wanted to confirm that i
was ready for him to leave home to meet me in thirty minutes. i went into the bathroom to make
some more smoke to blow into the ceiling exhaust. Still enough time to do the cleaveage boost and decide what i’d wear to greet him.
The short black nightie with my black stiletto heels was the current winner when my phone rang
again. He was parked outside and ready to come to my door. i hurriedly put on a refresher for my
bright red whore lips, then adjusted my long blond wig. Yet once again. He knocks at my door. i’m
hooking up with an online guy to see if he is as big a freak as he claims to be from the safety of
cyber. Yet once again.
Mike seemed to have a hand on my ass even before the door closed behind him. i stopped to
wiggle and grind my smooth ass against his hand. First i heard a low muffled groan, then i felt
a nice sharp slap rip through my nightie and pantyhose.
“Get me a cold beer so i can watch you walk Genie.”
He sat down at the small table by the window. i grabbed two beers from the cooler i had put
next to the bathroom sink. i set the beers down on the table, winked at Mike, then strutted
back to the sink for my fingernail kit and bright red polish to match my lips.
A couple beers and a bit of in person chat later, i had my nails ready and my mind set on
making this a fun and kinkier time than Mike ever had before tonight. His hand going
up my leg and the hungry look on his unshaved face made the kinkier than ever before
seem possible even for me tonight. God, i just love a guy with a nasty whore fetish that works well with
me being his nasty whore for the night on camera.
Mike had some camera practice while he helped loosen me up with some fingers, lube, and toys. Doing some posing and playing with dildoes in front of the camera while he got a feel for the controls and lighting needs of the cameras was even more fun with Mike telling me what a cheap whore i was and how he would be openly web selling my clips of me solo and any time where the dudes i was with would sign a model release like i did for him. But his private collection could use the rest anyway. No potential embarrassment required. Nasty hardcore fetish entertainment that didn’t require the looks of gods and goddesses, just the behavior of devils. Especially when we got hooked up with some of the Black street freaks that hang around the bookstores. i pushed my biggest Black dildo in ever deeper and groaned. Especially the desperate kind of street freaks that don’t care what they fuck when they get to have themselves a party. my groan softened to a long moan. And no need for the Dudes to even be showing more than cock, balls, ass crack or ass holes to keep them more comfortable staying anonymous that way. Keeping even the nastiest Black Men scavenged from the street all respectfully private while us kinky girls show our faces on camera makes it more deliciously nasty. If you agree I think you may truly feel me….lol
“Take the fake dick out and pull your pantyhose back up bitch!” The gleam in his eyes gave his words
an extra tingle as i sucked them through my ears and into special crevices and cracks of my mind. “The see through skirt and the black halter top. Get dressed in them with those spike heels.”
After finished dressing, i touched up my lips one last time, smiling back at the blond in the mirror.
“Genie, if we don’t find you a costar at the bookstore right away, I have some other ideas. There are all kinds of gas stations and other places where we can show you off and get the word out that a Dude in need can get himself a nice party for doing a scene on camera with you.” Mike stepped up behind me and put his hands on my corsette bound and now nicely defined hips.
“Damn girl…..I got a great idea. Get some good porn playing on the widescreen for me to watch while you suck my cock. I film you for some messages and maybe even some posts. Find you a nice useful party.”
As I looked up and saw the grin filling his face, I knew this was going to be a fun night meeting some strange faces for adventures in stranger places than i had been before.