It was just after eight when I met my sister for drinks, though by the time I had sat down at her table she had already made her way through three cocktails whilst waiting for me. ”You’re always late, sis. Don’t know why I ever bother stating a time.” she told me.
”I’ve never been here before,” I told her, ”Why this place? It’s almost impossible to find.” she shrugged her shoulders, ”I come here every now and again. It’s not your normal kind of bar.” she told me.
Since turning thirty she had been on a tear, she’d created her own company from the ground up and was now the owner of Eco-Co. A cleaning company hired out by corporations through out the city. Cheaper than employing their own cleaner, they would call Stephanie and she would send them someone. And though being a cleaner had never appealed to me, the same way working at McDonalds had never appealed to me, I was recently out of a job and needed something to pay the rent.
”I have a job tomorrow morning that I can’t cover. Usually I wouldn’t take on any job that I can’t cover, but it’s never happened before and one of my girls is out sick. It’s usually the part when I slip on the uniform and cover it myself, but I have a meeting tomorrow that could expand my company into other territories.”
”I don’t know Steph, I can’t even keep my apartment clean. How am I going to clean for someone else and not end up giving you a bad review or something?” I told her.

Stephanie had always worked hard, but it was only over the last few years that she’d truly through herself in. she was the smarter of us, and was a perfect big sister in that sense. I guess at twenty-seven, I wasn’t completely done being a scamp. Not yet anyway.
”Dana,” she began, ”All you gotta do is show up and clean the bathrooms on the third floor and you’re done.” she told me. She leaned back in her chair and glanced over at the bar, a small smirk appeared on her face and when I looked over at the bar myself, I saw what she was smirking at.

Stephanie was a career girl, not a home girl. She wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. I didn’t have either of those things either, but Mom always said that at Steph’s age, she should have a kid and be in a happy marriage. Like she was, for all the good it her.

Stephanie always dressed to impressed, and when you had her figure and looks it came easy. Her breasts were an F-cup, mine were an E. her long dark hair was always wild and wavy, and her blouse was always open.
She had her eye on a guy at the bar who was standing with another, the other guy was talking to him but he wasn’t listening, he was too busy mentally undressing my sister. I nudged her with my foot underneath the table and shook my head and mild disbelief. Her green eyes were alive with lust and I figured that it must be that time of the week, she would hit a bar and after slamming back a few cocktails she would want someone to slam her against a wall.