Getting Caught by his Older StepbrotherMark’s family never felt like the warm family blanket that he had heard his friends talk about. At least not to him. To Mark, his father always seemed to look for something else. And Mark did not get along with his mother at all, either. Perhaps that was his father’s influence over him.
Todd, Mark’s father, was his best friend. And the only time the young lad felt truly comfortable was when he and his dad were out camping or fishing together.

The 42-year-old Todd was a little rough. A husky, tough guy that liked to instigate wrestling games with his teenage son. But a real friend and role model to Mark nevertheless. His best buddy and protector even. Mark’s dainty and haughty mother was the total opposite: stern and always a little too mean to young Mark at times. Hating the way that Mark called his father, Todd. Rather than calling him father, or even better, Sir.

Mark had accidentally discovered his father was into man-to-man sex a few years before. Mark had come home early from school that day due to some gas-leak nearby. When he went up to his room to drop off his school-bag, he heard strange noises coming from his parent’s bedroom. But it did not sound like his parents fighting. Like Mark had heard so many times before. Thinking Mark would be home alone that morning, the teen went to investigate.
Apparently, Todd also thought he would be home by himself. Mark walked in on Todd. Mark’s father was getting fucked by a guy that Mark had seen around quite a few times. Both men were still wearing biker jackets and boots. As if they had just stepped off their motorbikes after a long ride together.

For a long while, Mark stood watching them fuck roughly from the open bedroom door. His jaw was gaping, and his eye’s wide open. The young lad had never seen people having sex before at that point. It intrigued him, though. Luke was screwing his father like a mad-man. Todd was encouraging Luke to do it still faster, harder, and rougher. Mark could see and hear that these guys had done this before.
It dawned on Mark that his father was loving the way Luke made him feel. Something Mark had never sensed between his mother and father. Come to think of it, the young boy had never heard his parents make love. And if these were the sounds adults made during sex, he would surely have heard it through the thin walls, thought Mark.

After a long time, Mark got caught watching them by Luke. He had switched places with Todd. Squatting over Todd’s cock, guiding the big thing into his butthole. Luke let out a gasp of horror as he saw Mark looking at the two of them. Todd peered around Luke and saw his son standing in the doorway, wide-eyed and a little red-faced. Watching his father’s rubbered cock disappear into Luke’s asshole with ease. Little Mark groped his own bulge lustfully.
Mark smiled feebly at the men in an apologetic way and turned around. He went to his own bedroom again and locked the door behind him. Hearing the guys talk a little before continuing in full force where they had left off. Mark just lay on his bed. Playing with his own boy-toy.
Todd and Mark exchanged a few significant looks the next day. Mark’s father sensed that his boy was happy for him. Having finally found love in a guy like Luke. And after an intense and meaningful hug, the two of them left it at that.
Neither his father nor Luke spoke of this to Mark in the upcoming weeks and months. And yet Luke kept coming round for dinners and parties. Todd knew his secret was save with his boy.