Darling looked to Bumfelt. She wanted him. She opened her blouse slowly to reveal a white lace bra cupping her cleavage. She slipped the blouse to one side. She leant back, kicked off her boots, hitched her hips and pulled her jeans off. No panties. Bumfelt’s eyes almost popped out as she revealed her shaven pussy to him. Darling opened her legs to show him her outer lips.
“Kiss me,” she said, fondling a tit with one hand, spreading herself with the other. “Kiss me here.”
Bumfelt walked around the table and knelt between Darling’s legs. He looked up to her. Fucking hell- she was stunning. A beautiful face, perfect breasts, tight stomach and narrow hips. Long legs and…..he put his face to her warm mound. His tongue flicked at the hood over her clitoris. He lapped at her lips, sucked and nibbled on her clit. Darling moaned and finger fucked herself as Bumfelt ate her out.
It didn’t take long. Darling suddenly climaxed with a sharp intake of breath. Her pussy quivered under Bumfelt’s lips and she came on his mouth. She pushed Bumfelt from between her legs and together they undressed him. She knelt between his legs and his cock sprang forth as he dropped his boxer shorts.
“Hello, again,” Darling rasped, winking and taking him in hand. She slowly pumped him and took him into her mouth. Bumfelt wanted it to last but she was so fucking beautiful. Squatting between his legs, her head bobbing back and forth as she gave him head. She looked up to him with those lovely eyes and Bumfelt almost came. He didn’t. He got control of himself. He took hold of her hair and fucked her mouth. Darling took him. All of him. Gagging as he put all of himself into her throat.
“You fucking like that, don’t you?” said Bumfelt. “You want it bad don’t you? You dirty bitch. You dirty cum-slut.”
Darling pushed him back onto the sofa and his cock popped from her mouth. “Fuck me, Eddie,” whispered Darling, standing over him. “Fuck me hard. Do me rough.”
Darling turned around to put her back to Bumfelt. She straddled him and sat across his thighs. She took him in hand again and eased him past her now swollen lips. His cock slipped into her wetness. Bumfelt took her breasts in hand, caressing her hard nipples as he drove slowly into her. In moments their movements became faster, more frantic. Each pleasuring the other. Each pleasuring themselves. Darling circled her hips, grinding his cock deeper into her. She steadied herself with one hand whilst fingering her clit with the other.
“Yes. Yes. Fuck me, Eddie,” she whispered. “Fuck my tight, wet cunt.”
Bumfelt did.
He fucked the hell out of her and Darling responded. He drove into her and she pushed back onto him, bouncing in his lap, her tits bouncing every time she pushed onto his cock.
“That’s it. Do me. Do me. Oh, you’re hitting bottom,” she moaned as Bumfelt drove into her. Faster. Harder. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum.”
Bumfelt felt his balls swell. He was going to cum himself.
“I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” rasped Darling, digging her nails into Bumfelt’s thighs as her orgasm tore through her. It built in intensity, hitting her with waves that made her pussy tighten and quiver on his hard cock. “Oh, Eddie. Fuck that cunt. Fuck it.”
“I’m coming, baby,” he moaned, pounding her tight pussy. “Oh, oh…..get ready for it. I’m cumming…I’m……” Bumfelt exploded in her. His cum streaking into her trembling pussy. He withdrew and came again. Pearlescent cum splashing across her outer lips and up the small of her back.
“You dirty, dirty boy,” said Darling, feeling the cum trickle across her vulva. She stood and he leaked from her gaping pussy. “You’re going to pay for that.”
“Oh yeah,” grinned Bumfelt, his cock still twitching and spurting weakly in his lap. “What’re you going to do, Agent Darling?”
“Well, Detective Bumfelt,” she said turning to face him, slipping out of the white bra to fully reveal her incredible breasts. She slid onto his thighs and pulled him back into her wet hole. Slowly she rotated her hips and began rocking on his cock. “I’m going to give you the fuck of a lifetime,” she whispered hotly into his ear as he took her breasts in hand, took a hard nipple into his mouth. “I’m going to fuck you senseless.”
She did.
Bumfelt had fallen asleep after he had climaxed for the third time. Darling had a dull ache between her legs. The sex had been frantic, dirty and hard. The way she liked it. Darling left Bumfelt lying on the sofa and made her way to the bathroom. She showered and dried herself off. She dressed and put her Smith and Wesson back on her hip. She kissed Bumfelt on the forehead. He mumbled something in a half-sleep.
Darling walked to the kitchen. Took a glass from a welsh dresser and opened the fridge, looking for milk. She didn’t find milk……she dropped the glass and it shattered on the floor. No milk.
Three heads.
“What the hell……” mumbled Bumfelt, running a hand over his stubble. “You okay in there?”
Three heads. Three severed heads. Darling staggered back a few feet. Her mouth falling open, a scream stifled in the back of her throat. The lifeless eyes of- Roxanne Ballsakey, Judy Swallows and Penny Tration stared out at her. Darling felt the room spinning. Her vision narrowing with shock. Her heart hammered in her chest.
“You okay?” repeated Bumfelt from the living area.
“Yes. Yes…I’m okay,” stammered Darling, hand sliding to her Smith and Wesson. “I just dropped a glass that’s all. I just-” “You hurt?” Bumfelt was suddenly, stood at the kitchen doorway. Only feet away. He looked at the open fridge door. Looked to Darling and the glass shards on the floor.
“Be careful, Dorice,” he said. “I’ll pick it up and-”
“Don’t fucking move!” snapped Darling, fast drawing the Smith. “Stay there! I will shoot you if you move. I swear to god.” “I…what….,” said a confused looking Bumfelt. “It’s just a broken glass and-”
Broken glass! It’s three fucking heads in a fridge, you mother-fucker,” stated Darling, levelling the Smith at Bumfelt’s chest. “Oh my god. Jesus. You’re him. You’re Basket Case. DO NOT MOVE!”