Gina The Loving Naive Wife Part 2Gina The Loving Naive Wife Part 2

The following morning Gina woke up before Alex, he looked happy in his sleep and Gina knew she had finally made a breakthrough to help her husband. She leaned over to kiss him good morning and brushed her hair to side of her face. At least she tried but it was stuck in place. She tried to run her hands through her hair, but she was met by lots of matted hair stuck together with cum.

“I better jump in the shower honey,” she said as she kissed Alex’s cheek. He didn’t respond, she walked across the bedroom to the en-suite. She got into the shower and turned it on, as she washed herself, she had flashbacks to night before.

Thinking of how all the guys had fucked her in every hole they could, how they took turns pushing her to her limits, then how they joined together to push her further. She remembered how good it felt and started to feel excited.

She slid a finger from her belly button down to her clit and started to gently rub. Her mind started to drift further, remembering how it felt to have 2 cocks pulsating in and out of her pussy and ass in synchronisation.

At the same time, Lee had come up to the bedroom looking for Alex to let him know he was leaving and that he’d catch up with him later. Alex was still passed out in his bed. Lee heard the shower running and ventured forward to have a look.

He peeked round the door and was surprised to see Gina masturbating; he took his phone out and started to film her. The longer he watched her the more excited he started to get, he turned around to check on Alex, he was still sound asleep. Lee pulled his cock out and started to wank himself off.

This made the phone video blurry and out of focus, he crept into the bathroom and stood it up on the side of the sink so it would film the shower area. He returned to his spot behind the door and started to pleasure himself once again.

Gina was moaning with pleasure as she fingered herself, she looked amazing stood there with the water bouncing off her perfect petite body. Lee was almost ready to cum, Gina though leaned against the shower wall facing away from Lee completely. She was using her right hand to finger her pussy, she then arched her back and slid her left-hand round to her ass.

She slid the tip of a finger into her anus and soon started to put her wrists into overtime, franticly fingering in and out of her holes. Lee decided to chance his luck, he stripped naked and quietly sneaked into the shower. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass. “Morning honey,” she said.

Lee remained silent and started to press his cock against her rosebud, “someone’s keen this morning.” Lee again remained silent, Gina put her right hand on the wall and used her left hand to spread her ass cheeks, “go on then honey, give it me.”