Girl Girl Encounter In the Woods - Part 2
My dress fell freely down my body onto the blanket I had spread in the soft grass, followed by my white cotton panties. I stepped out of them and let the cool breeze tickle me between my thighs, curling up over my pubic hair across my tummy, kissing my nipples and tossing my hair slightly before twisting away towards the trees. Being naked in the woods was my favorite pastime. Feeling both natural and sexual, I stepped away from my clothes and dipped my toes into the stream. The sounds around me heightened as my senses tingled in the fresh air. I could feel the moistness between my legs as the breeze caressed me there. The hairs on my legs danced and played in the alternating sun and shade as I walked lazily down the creek bed and dreamed of my feral lover.
Girl Girl Encounter In the Woods - Part 2 2
Her face never left my mind. And the memory of her touch continued to drive my hands across my skin, imagining it was her. It had been weeks since she happened upon me nude out here, fell out of her clothes and shared her beautiful bronze skin with me in the forbidden way. Her sounds and flavors were with me in my thoughts all the time now despite the scandalous nature of our rendezvous. Walking unclothed through the forest made me feel closer to her somehow, as if we were connected across the miles and miles of free country surrounding this land. If only I could find her again.

As I had this thought, a sound drew my attention to one side of the stream ahead. I instinctively covered my body with my hands and searched quickly for a place to conceal myself. But, into view she stepped, my wild girl, as beautiful as I remembered her. My body filled with a sudden ache for her. I couldn’t believe she was here again!
Girl Girl Encounter In the Woods - Part 2 3
Our eyes locked for a moment. Then, she untied her tunic and let it fall to the ground where she stood, revealing her lovely body. I moved towards her, quickly at first then slowing down to enjoy the moment. Hands, then breasts, then lips pressed together. She let out a gentle moan as our tongues danced wetly together. She’d been feeling what I was. It gave me a deep satisfaction to feel it.

We pulled back and looked in each others eyes. She fondled my hair for a moment with that same curiosity as before, as if she’d never seen light skin or hair. She spoke words to me in a language I could not understand. Her face said, “I want you, I missed you.”

I touched her cheek. “Me too,” I said. We smiled, and her soft lips again pressed against mine, a faint smell of campfire mixed with honeysuckle in her hair. I kissed back towards her ear and inhaled deeply. Good god, she was intoxicating. Her fingers probed my butt crack, easing downward towards my sensitive places. A throbbing developed between my legs that would not be satisfied until she was there, tending to my deepest appetites.
Girl Girl Encounter In the Woods - Part 2 4
I took her by the hand and led her up the streambed to where I left the blanket. I pinned my hair back, which she watched curiously, her eyes exploring my naked body. She picked up a hair tie and fumbled with it. “Like this,” I said, pulling her hair through it into a pony tail. “Beautiful,” I whispered, smoothing her black hair back. Her eyes were like those of a doe as she gazed at me. I took her again, kissing her deeply as our hands explored each other. I loved how the arch of her back felt, and her thighs, and her butt, all of her really. Our nipples together felt amazing.