As with my previous stories, this is fiction. Hope that you enjoy.

Girls weekend Part 1

As we were approaching Christmas, my wonderful husband Bryan was running hard out on the road, trying to get as many loads hauled until he took off time for our vacation with our friend and lover Camryn. Because we had quite a bit to do to get ready, I unfortunately had to stay home…I love riding with him in the truck, but alas it was not to be. So Camryn and I kept quite busy getting last minute things squared away for our trip. We were flying out on Christmas Eve to Florida, where we would board the cruise ship. Camryn and I were making sure we had everything we needed, swim suits, the proper clothes we’d need, and anything else we thought might be necessary.

Camryn and I were sitting down to have dinner when Bryan called. He tries to keep a regular schedule about when he calls, and I was so relieved to hear his voice, the past few days had been stressful with getting everything ready for our trip, and I missed having him to cuddle with in bed. Apparently he wasn’t having a good day himself, and it was a relief for him to hear my voice, and Camryn’s as well. He’s been driving through big cities all week, and the traffic according to him was nuts. People being stupid and not thinking in how they drive. Nothing new for him…..he deals with it all the time. Camryn and I were glad he called as well, because it gave us a chance to talk about things with our vacation, and get his input and opinions on some things. He was stopped for the night at a truck stop and was getting paperwork done, so he had us on hands free while he did his paperwork.

It was nearing the weekend and he wasn’t going to be home, he’s down in Arizona, and has to run up to Spokane, WA before heading back home. He’s in Flagstaff, AZ for the night to make a delivery the next morning, then on to Las Vegas to pick up his next load. As we were talking, he asked Camryn and I what we were doing for the weekend. We honestly hadn’t planned anything, just figured more of getting ready for our vacation cruise. He could tell we were stressed from the sound of our voices, and he suggested taking the weekend off, take a break from vacation planning, and take a girls weekend….get out of town if we have to, but just take a weekend to relax and unwind. Do some shopping, get a massage, a spa day, something to help us unwind. To say it didn’t take much convincing would be an understatement. Camryn and I decided to take a weekend trip to Minneapolis, go do some shopping downtown and at the Mall of America. So Camryn quickly reserved a hotel room for us, not cheap, but not ungoldy expensive either, and for her being a travel agent, she’s able to get great deals on hotel rooms. We talked with Bryan for a little longer until he had to go so he could get sleep.