Granny sends a selfieMy name is Vera, I’m 73 years old and just learning how to use my cell phone. I called myself sending a nude selfie of myself to a gentlemen I met online the other day, and turns out that I was sending them to my granddaughters boyfriend who helped me set the phone up in the place.

I had to stay with them due to the lock down. One day I was really bored and my granddaughter Lisa was at work. Her boyfriend Phillip worked from home. He was on his computer in the den that day when I went in there to ask him about making myself a profile on a senior dating site.

He helped me set everything up made the profile uploaded my picture and also showed me how to use it on my phone. I thanked him and went about my way. Little did I know that Phillip immediately went on the senior website and made himself a fake profile.

I was very excited and went into my room to go online. After about 20 minutes of searching I got a like on my profile from a guy named Phil. Didn’t have a picture on it, but I thought It was cute since my daughters boyfriend was named Phillip. Anyway we went back and forth with our greetings and messages. I asked Phil why he didn’t have a picture and he said, being 70 he didn’t know how to upload it. Said he’d ask one of grand k**s next time they visit.

Anyway Phil seemed very polite. We exchanged phone numbers and Phil said, he would call me later. Few minutes later I got a call from Lisa my granddaughter. She said she wasn’t coming home for 3 weeks cause she possibly got exposed to the virus. She said shes already texted her boyfriend the news.

My phone buzzed. It was Phil. He asked me to send him a picture. I said I uploaded some on the website. He text back no! I want to see your body nude! I was a little shocked and turned on at the same time, So I went into the bathroom to take the selfie.

Granny sends a selfie 2
Phillip comes walking in the bathroom. He knew I was about to be nude and take that selfie, but I’m not knowing he’s pretending to be Phil.. Crazy right! He stands there staring at me and say’s you know Lisa is not coming home for 3 weeks right? I was like boy get out of here! She called me already and I push Phillip out the bathroom and slam the door.

So I send the selfie… Few minutes later I get a picture of a dick! I’m like whoa! Wasn’t ready for that. I text back why not send me a picture of your face? I didn’t get an answer. I waited for an hour horny as hell. Kept looking at the dick picture. I laid on my bed and started to masterbate.