Gut Busters -When a Sissy’s in Heat…Who Ya Gonna Call by Cy. Black

Randy Sorenson considered himself a bit of a beach-bum. Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California by his very well-off parents, he lacked for very little throughout his c***dhood. His mother a very successful art curator, and his father a massively successful movie director, afforded the young, below shoulder-length, curly, blonde haired, blue-eyed youth to simply lay back on a beach and soak up the sunshine with his deeply rich tanned skinned.
When his mother passed away after she lost a bout with cancer, Randy’s father informed him that his mother had made him spoiled and soft and that the gravy train he road courtesy of his mother was at an end. He put limits and spending restrictions on his bank accounts unless he went to college. In spite of how much he would miss his daily visits to the beach and simply fantasized, he knew his father was right. He returned to school, got his bachelor’s degree, as well as his master’s. He landed a job at a school in a prominent city in California for the first five years, but soon lost interests. Teaching in the vanilla sanctuaries in well-off to very rich neighborhoods was just so easy, and so vanilla. Randy needed a challenge, something that would bring some color to his otherwise vanilla, naive lifestyle. Exceptionally handsome with a shapely, yet slightly muscular physique, Randy often was mistakenly and sometimes deliberately hit on by guys at the beach, and especially black men. He was also a magnet for many women as well. Ms. Denson the school district leader took a liking to the handsome new teacher and made several advances in a sexual nature. When he rejected these advances, the district leader who was equally beautiful, yet spoiled by the belief she could have any man, took exception and immediately began to make life at school difficult for him. Her warm and fuzzy, attitude dissipated along with any courtesy she had afforded him. As time went on, he realized his rejection of the senior woman had led her down the path of revenge. He knew it was just a matter of time before the second shoe would drop, so as he entered her office on a bright sunny morning, he prepared himself for the worse,
“I’m reassigning you Sorenson and you want to know why?” She never gave him the chance to respond as she continued. “I’m reassigning you to the Southern District because you thrive under these ideal conditions, but what really makes a good teacher is to be able to perform your duties under a variety of adverse circumstances.
Although Randy accepted the challenge, he also knew the transfer was far from innocent, and was exactly what he expected from the vindictive woman.
The second he parked his car in the school parking lot, he it dawned on him that this would possibly be the biggest challenge he’d ever face. As he strolled toward the front entrance, he found himself in the shadows of two very large young men.
“Hey Ms…oh shit…it’s a dude, uhh, excuse me teach, I thought you were…uhh never mind. You must be new here.”
“Excuse me young man, but is that how you treat teachers around here?” Randy challenged.
“Yeah, you got a problem with that.” The large dark brown skinned student fired back with a boyishly handsome, yet devious smile.
“You could really learn some respect.”
“My daddy told me; respect is earned not given.” The boy countered.
“Yeah that’s right, if you want to enter the school you can start by asking permission.” The other k** interjected.
“Really, you two must think you’re the big guys on campus.
‘I’m Braxton, I’m starting linebacker on the football team.” The taller and more powerful k** replied.
“And I’m Will Dukes, the starting free-safety…and like I said, you want to go through that entrance, you need to ask permission.” The golden-brown skinned jock snapped.
“I can see you young men must be valuable assets to the team, perhaps that’s why you’re both so arrogant, nevertheless, as you said, I am new here, and I suggest you leave those bully school yard tactics for your peers.”
“Huh…what, you mean tactics…like this,” Omar slapped the folder from Randy’s hands and watched as the documents flew into the air.
“Oh, how cute. Let’s see what principle Anderson will do once he hears this.”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Dukes warned.
“And why not?”
“Cause ratting on us can be hazardous to your health.” Braxton fired.
“So, now you’re threatening me. Okay, I’ll accept that challenge. If it’s the last thing I do, you two will be lucky if you play your next game.
“You little punk, I should…” Braxton growled as a powerful and familiar voice came from behind them.
“Alright…alright, what’s going on now.”
“Hey…Mister…Mister Lockwood…uuh…how are you this morning?” Dukes declared.
“Is there a problem here?’ The broad shouldered powerfully built man asked as he stared directly at Braxton.
“Nothing…uh, nothing sir, the new teacher just dropped her books and we were trying to help him pick them up.” Braxton answered.
“No, you are getting your ass to class, you’re already four minutes late.”
Suddenly the two bullies reverted to two typical high schoolers as they quickly dashed away.
“Are you okay?” Lockwood asked.
“Nothing like having been challenged by a pair of oversized juveniles to make you aware just how old you are.” Randy chuckled nervously as he picked up his documents.
“I second that shit. I don’t know what we’re gonna do about these k**s today.” The man remarked.
“Well, we can start with some responsible parenting. I can only imagine who’s raising these k**s or should I say thugs.” Randy declared and then saw the look of disapproval on the senior man’s face.
Lockwood assisted as much as he could, then extended his large dark hand. “My name’s Brock Lockwood.”
Randy extended his hand and offered a meek lame handshake, unable to respond with the strength the man offered.
“Thank you so much sir.”
‘No, problem I suggest if you plan on being in this school on a long-term basis, you probably need a stronger angle, or get yourself a strong black bodyguard to deal with these k**s. They don’t respond well to kindness, meekness and courtesy. It’s not where they’re from.”
Moments Later…
“Well, Mister Sorenson, I must say, I am most impressed with your accomplishments this early in your career, however, I can’t say the same for your appearance. Mrs. Beckett declared as she gazed down from her bifocal glasses and sat snobbishly behind her desk.
Her perfectly manured long red polished fingernails casually flipped the pages of several documented files on Randy’s educational and teaching history. She tossed the envelope on to the desk, stood up to give a further examination.
“Hmm, you seemed to be a bit of androgynist Mister Sorenson. A lacy blouse-like shirt, a pale blue tank-top beneath it, jeans that are far too tight, and how far down in your closet did you have to dig before finding those…loafer like slippers?”
Randy stood there in shock as his mind scrambled to find a strong enough response.
“Hmm, I can see you’re a bit of an introvert as well. Not a good quality for this place. The principle charged.
“With all due respect ma’am, I thought I’d be judge on my teaching abilities, not my fashion sense.” Randy fired back.
“My young man, everything is judge here at Eastland High. I would have thought you had been briefed on such matters. Eastland…well, I imagine it could be said, and has, that Eastland is the equivalent of crack cocaine to cocaine. It has all the basic ingredients yet; it remains a cast off of the original product. A downgraded derivative. We’re in the roughest most dangerous part of the city and we have a 45 percent dropout rate. Only 20 percent of students that enter this school graduate. Many of these c***dren are from low, economically depressed households and communities. They are angry, traumatized, afraid, confused and most of all, frustrated and in search of someone to take out all that trauma and frustration on.” She concluded as she causally admired her stylish, pants suit in a well-placed wall mirror nearby.
“I freely admit, I’ve never worked in an environment like this, but I assure you. I will do my best.” Randy fired back but with very little conviction. The well-seasoned principle had been tenured at the school for well over a decade and spoke with confidence as she conveyed her conclusion.
“Unfortunately, young man, at Eastland, your best may not be good enough. Honestly, You must have pissed on the shoes of someone very important up there at the district office to get this assignment. Your feminine persona, is an open invitation for the roughnecks in this facility.”
“Frankly ma’am, from what I’m hearing, If it’s so bad, how could you survive here for the last twelve years?” Randy challenged.
“I grew up with five-brothers and served as a captain in Desert Storm. I came here to turn this school around. I requested it. I thought…no that’s not quite accurate…I hoped I had the blessings of the district, but not long after I got here, I learned that it wasn’t the students or the neighborhood, but the city and state’s perception that this school was considered a no-count, a throw-away, and a lost cause. When I gathered my teachers and took this issue to the newspapers and other media platforms, I was labeled a malcontent and a trouble-maker and as a result I remain here as punishment. I guess you think or believe I am attempting to frighten you Mister Sorenson, but I am only preparing you for what you might come your way. If you like, I can assign you to my office.” The senior woman suggested.
“No ma’am, I came here to teach and that’s what I plan on doing, regardless of what might come my way.” Randy fired back quickly.
“Hmm, unfortunately, I can’t afford an assault and battery case after the last incident”
‘Incident ma’am?”
“It’s not worth going into right now. What’s important is your safety and it’s with that in mind that I’ve decided to assign Mister Lockwood as your guardian angel.”
‘Guard…guardian angel, with all due resp…”
“Save it Sorenson, after this interview, I am convinced you’re not up this task, at least not now. Perhaps after a while you’ll be able to operate on your own, but for now, I can’t afford another incident. You’ll thank me for this later.” The woman announced then waved her hand toward the tall, black man who stood behind Randy.
“Mister Sorenson, this is Mister Brock Lockwood. I believe you’ve met already, all the same. He’s the chief school safety officer. He’s a former military veteran, as well as a former police officer in this city. In fact, he grew up not far away from here. he knows and understands the elements of the community and conditions these k**s face each day. He is also a highly respected member of the community so I can assure you that you are in competent hands. His son Braxton not only attends here, he is also a very important player on our football team.
“Brax…Braxton Lockwood,” Randy swallowed hard as he recalled his statements earlier to the guard as well as the icy reaction he received in response.
“Ma’am, I really appreciate this, but I assure you that…”
“There will be no further discussion on this matter Sorenson. My mind is made up and the decision is final.” The stoic woman declared as she firmly retook her seat to emphasize the discussion was closed.
“Have a good day Mister Sorenson and please, listen to whatever Mister Lockwood suggests, for your own safety…of course.”
As Randy walked down the hall, he occasionally stole a glance at the powerful physique of his escort. While he resented being chaperoned about the school, it did give him a bit of comfort to know he had a 6-foot 4-inch, 250-pound, dark knight on his side.
“Listen Mister Lockwood…”
‘Call me Brock,” He interjected.
“Okay…uhh…Brock. I would like to apologize for my statements about your son earlier.”
“Don’t worry bout Angel cake. I got your back. No body and I mean nobody is gonna fuck with you so long as we work together.
“Now…what the hell.” The large man bellowed as he noticed a thin plume of smoke as it rose from the boy’s restroom.
“Come with me,” Brock ordered.
“Excuse me sir, but I have a class to teach.”
‘Pull your panties out your ass teach, it’ll only be a minute, now let’s go.”
Randy wanted to protest but felt compelled to follow his command.
He stopped just inside the restroom door and watched in awe as Brock had already seized command of the situation. “You, you, and you.” He pointed at three young men, raised and pointed his thumb behind him. “Get to class…not you.” He pointed to a rather slender k**.
The three youths practically knocked Randy over as they dashed out the restroom.
Brock slowly moved toward the young man as the short-cropped nappy headed youth and boldly stated. “I’m gonna ask you a question and I want an answer. Who was vapin in here?”
“It wasn’t me,” the k** cried.
“I know it wasn’t you, but you do know and you’re going to tell me…now.”
“It was Cory…”
“Everson, of course it was. Alright son, get your ass, to class, move it son, move it.” He barked as the k** pushed Randy away as he darted out the door.
The leggy blonde shook his head as he marveled at the ease this man wielded his dominance and influence over what seemed to him, street tough k**s and reduced them to sniffling kindergarteners.
“It’s truly amazing how you command respect from them.”
The broad-shoulder, heavily muscled Brazilian nut colored man, turned slowly around, gave the smaller man an intense stare before, an equally broad, pearly white smile appeared on his face as he approached. “That’s because boys know how to behave around real men. Speaking of which, my son Braxton, you met earlier, you know the one you said was raised by thugs, and hoes?” He asked facetiously.
“Yes, I really apolo…”
“You already said that. At any rate, he suffers from ADHD, do know what that stands for?”
“Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,” Randy replied.
“Right, well, actually, suffering might be a bit extreme. The conditions serves him well on the field but not so well in the classroom. His mother and I worked to get a medication that won’t inhibit his play on the field, but he was suspended and left back two years ago for fighting, so he’s already 18-years, and worse, if he doesn’t pass his finals, he won’t be eligible to play during the upcoming tournament. I was wondering since I’m doing you a service, perhaps you would do me a favor and tutor him in history and math.” The man asked, however it sounded more like an order to Randy’s ears.
“Well I uhh…I’m afraid, I just moved into my new apartment and I’m still setting things up.”
“It’s only an hour or so, what’s the problem.” The big chested man bellowed.
“It’s not a problem it’s just that…”
“Good, I’m glad it’s not a problem. I’ll send him here around to your classroom around 6:30 pm.”
“Huh, hey just a minute I didn’t say I would do it.” Randy fired, then watched as the man’s pleasant attitude and disposition disappeared.
“Oh, so it’s okay that I watch your back, but you can’t help me out.”