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I get excited when I share my experiences with stranger. So I want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I meet jay [my boy friend] I was traditional and shy girl. The relationship with jay really changed my behavior and dressing style.Thanks for the replies and some of the guys really want to have sex with me which I don’t like. But I can always help you to jerk off.You can read my previous story to understand much about me.

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After my previous encounter i.E. Having sex in college with my bf, we have become too close sexually and personally. We started sexting everyday and of course sometime even video chats. We became bold and we dont dont feel shy in sexting. We used to masturbate while in call or chatting. I said earlier I stay at hostel and he stays at his own apartment. In a week we got exams, we all are busy with our studies. So we didn’t get time to meet. But we used to do sexting at night. One night we causally started sexting. He got horny and said we wants to have sex.

Jay: I need sex [ naku nitho sex cheyalani undi]

Me: its impossible now. [ ippudu kastam ]

Jay; nuvu e dress lo unnav. [ which dress your wearing now]

Me: camisole and short

Jay: then what about inside.

Me: bra and panty of course

Jay: what colors?

Me: red and pink

Jay: I want to see you nude [ ninnu nude ga chudalani undi].

Me: no way

Jay: atleast with bra dear.

Me: no

I want to tease him.So I said no to him.

Me: ippudu kadu [ not now ]

Jay: nenu mi hostel ki vastha [ I will come to your hostel]

Me: niku antha ledu. Vasthe chestha [ we you come then I will do ]

Jay: nijamga chesthava [will you do it for real]

Me: yes with naughty smile

I thought he wont come at this time as it was too late. Then he sent smiling smiley and told me to open the door. I was shocked to see him at my room. I pulled him inside and closed the door. I again opened the door and peeped outside to see if anyone was there and locked the door. Meanwhile he started caressing me. I pushed him away and shouted on him.

Me: are you mad? What if anyone caught us?

Jay: venakala nunchi vacha ra. [ I jumped back side wall dear].

Jay: cool avvu first em kadu. [ dont worry. Cool down first]

Me: ayina intha thondaraga ela vachav [ how did you come so quickly]

Jay; nenu mi hostel abayte unna [i was outside of your hostel]

I sat on bed and slowly I settled down. Meanwhile jay was caressing my shoulder. Later I asked him to go. He said he risked this much to meet me. He requested to have at least little bit of romance. I said ok and started with kissing. While kissing started caressing my body. In no time, I forgot about everything and got into romantic mood. He came on top of me and with one hand he is pressing my boobs and kissing me. Slowly, he slipped my camisole string from shoulders along with my bra and started sucking my boobs.Now we both are horny. He stood up and removed his short and tshirt.