I’ve always been a heavy drinker and I tend to just pass out on the bed. One night I came in and sort of passed out halfway on the bed on my stomach with my butt and legs hanging off the bed. Though I was relaxed and totally immobile I was still somewhat conscious, just laying there letting euphoria, dizziness and drunken thoughts roll over me. I must have been there at least 30 minutes when I heard the bedroom door creak open. I laid still pretending to sleep so that my husband wouldn’t try to wake me or move me, I was sooo comfortable and relaxed. “Honey, are you awake?” I could hear the brush of cloth and steps as he moved closer. “Sweetie?” he made the word a question. I laid still hoping he would leave. I was about to respond when I felt the cloth of his pants against the back of my thighs where my nightshirt wasn’t covering them. His fingertips played with the edge of my shirt just below my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe it, my husband was getting frisky with me when he thought I was passed out. I felt him move and shift behind me and then I heard a zipper. He was obviously taking his dick out. I felt his hands lifting my shirt leaving my butt exposed. He laid a hand on each of my ass cheeks squeezing and massaging and then he kissed my left butt cheek and rested his face on it and whispered, “you’re my dirty whore, I love you so much baby”. I realized he was kneeling behind me. He lifted his head and began to spread my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe it, my husband was on his knees with his hard dick out playing with me while he thought I was out cold.

After spreading my cheeks he used his thumb to pull my thong to the side exposing my asshole and pussy. I felt his hot breath against my pussy and heard him take a deep breath him. “You smell so good baby, you’re making daddy horny”. He had never called himself daddy to me before. His lips kissed my pussy softly as though he was kissing my mouth, he slowly went from kissing my pussy to making out with my pussy eventually working his tongue inside me. He moved his mouth back and I felt him slide a finger in my pussy, slowly going deeper and deeper. I felt something wet touch my asshole and I realized that he was licking my hole. He slowly went from licking to slowly probing his tongue into my asshole while he pumped his finger in my pussy. I lay there expecting to be angry but instead I was turned on, I realized that my pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

He pulled his finger and face away from me and I heard him stand up. I kept my eyes closed as he walked around the bed near my head. I felt him softly touch my cheek and say “oh baby, you’ve got daddy so worked up if I put it in your pussy I’m just going to cum, but I want to to spend a while with your cunt gripping my cock so daddy is going to cum in your mouth first and then after I get hard again I’m going to give your cunt a good thorough dicking, after all, we’ve got all night ”