Joe and Beth were a nice old couple in the late sixties and as straight laced as they come – that is until I found out the secret.
They had asked me to help clear out their attic prior to moving into a retirement bungalow across town. Well, as you can imagine, they had tons of stuff that had accumulated over the years but as I was nearing the end of getting everything done, I came across an old cardboard box. As I was lifting it up the bottom fell out and with it a mound of old photos.

There all around me were the filthiest porno pics of them a lot younger getting up to all sorts of fucking, sucking, spanking, and one lovely one of her pissing on his cock. What a find. I repacked them and passed them down to Joe.
‘Well, you’re a dark horse, Joe’
He went literally red with embarrassment.
‘Oh, I thought I got rid of them years ago. We don’t do that sort of sordid stuff anymore’.

I wasn’t going to let him get off that lightly.
‘Why, I thought sex got better as you aged – mine has. So, what happened?’
‘It was Beth. About 10 years ago, she got religion and got it into her head that sex was – as she said – not good for us anymore. And since then we have not made love at all. It has been so frustrating’.

‘I bet it has, do you still get urges, Joe?’
Virtually every day, that’s why I have to take myself in hand so much’.
I had an idea. ‘Don’t throw those pics away, maybe you and me can use them to help Beth get horny again.
The next day, when Beth had gone into town, we got out the pics and went through them in more detail.
They were extremely stimulating. After looking at the first few, I was getting quite hard and Joe was obviously hiding a stiffy.

‘She was the horniest woman I had ever met. She was game for anything and the more cock she saw she wanted. Oh, it’s no good, I’ve got to rub one out now, you don’t mind, do you?’
Taking down his trousers, he got his cock out and it was impressive – a good 8 to 9 inches, and oozing pre cum. Laying back he started to have a slow wank.
‘Ah that’s better, why don’t you join me, I can see you need relief as well’.

Well, there we were laying back on the sofa having a nice satisfying mutual wank and discussing everything we would like to do with Beth, when the door opened and there, she was open mouthed and shouting at Joe and me.
‘You men, all you think about is sex, sex and more sex’ As she went on I noticed she could not take her eyes of our two big monster cocks at full mast ready to cum buckets.