[ Another interracial sex inspired story for those who love it! Enjoy!! ]

My name is Duane.

Back in the late nineteen nineties, I’d worked with this older white guy by the name of David, who had started confiding in me about issues regarding his sexual relationship with his wife, Carol. This had started, interestingly enough, after I’d been telling him about my various weekend adventures with a number of dissatisfied married white women; who’s husbands, I had explained, had a lot of money, but not much interest, or even the capacity, to satisfy their wives sexually—and, as a result, these women I’d gotten to know had began to look for other ‘alternatives’; mainly (and very intriguingly for me) with younger, eager, black guys like me, who were more than willing, and above all quite capable of giving them the sort of sex they were seeking! I’ll admit I was quite happy with that situation, and more than a little proud of myself!

David had quietly listened to me as I bragged (which, I admit, is what I was doing) about how much fun it was to fuck these sexually desperate white married women; and then, one day, he mentioned that Carol was sexually frustrated as well. He quipped: “Sounds like what Carol needs!” At first, I didn’t reply, and after a moment’s pause, he went on to explain that he was unable to sexually satisfy Carol, as he knew she craved. He went on to say that he had great difficulty ‘lasting’ more than a few moments before he came, and that he also had a rather small cock; and that both of these things had become a point of contention between Carol and himself over the years.

I just listened. I made no attempt to offer him any opinions, or suggestions, as to how to remedy this—but his story sounded very familiar to me from the things these other men’s wive’s I been fucking said about their husbands! I couldn’t help but wonder why it seemed that all these white guys were seemingly so inadequate in the bedroom part of their lives. What was up with that? But I will openly admit that I was more than willing to take advantage of such situations whenever I had the chance! As a black guy, it wasn’t everyday that such opportunities might come my way, and so, for as long as the opportunities kept coming, I was definitely going to enjoy myself!

David and I went about our work, but every so often he would bring up the issue of his wife’s sexual frustration with his relative inadequacies in that department. I could tell that he was trying to work of the courage to go further in this direction, but I was going to make him take that step!

It was about a week later, and David and I were working, and had just stopped for a short break, when he finally summoned up the courage to take that next step.