“You fucker.”

That was the message preview in the notification of a text from my father-in-law, Dave. The notification also indicated there was a picture, which I unlocked my phone to view.

Her dad found her pics...
“Oh, shit” I said under my breath. My father in law had stumbled across a dressed/undressed collage of his daughter than I had posted online.

While I was staring at my phone in shock, another message came in:

Her dad found her pics... 2
And another:

Her dad found her pics... 3
And another:

Her dad found her pics... 4
Oh, fuck. He didn’t just find one picture of her; he found an entire gallery of her.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I had exposed my wife, but not posted her myself. That seemed like a more meaningful distinction when I decided to spread her pics to other exposers rather than post her myself, but it seemed like an absurd distinction now. Still, I’d take whatever cover I could.

“No, I didn’t. Where did you find them?!”

“XHamster. Did a search for ‘MILF small tits’ and a few clicks later I was starting at a huge gallery of my daughter naked. You’re in some of them too. Where the fuck did they come from if you didn’t post them?!”

Another ding:

Her dad found her pics... 5
I wasn’t sure what to say next, but I was sure of this: My penis was rock hard. I mean as hard as it had ever been. I’d both hoped and dreaded that someone who knew Sarah would find her and let me know. She is so lust-worthy, after all. But for her dad to be the one that found them?! Fuck. My heart was racing and my dick was pulsing.

“She’s too hot. I couldn’t keep her to myself. I shared a few pics with guys I was chatting with there on XHamster. They loved her, and I loved them enjoying her. That led to more and more pics.”

“Didn’t you know they would post her?!”

“At first I asked them not to. Then I let them post a couple. Pretty quickly a few of them took her pics and ran and it was out of my control. She keeps getting reposted by guys I’ve never even chatted with.”

“OF COURSE SHE KEEPS GETTING REPOSTED! You fucker. As hot as she is, you had to know she’d get posted and posted.”

My heart was still racing, but skipped a beat when Dave referred to his daughter as “hot” after he’d been looking at naked pictures of her.

Another ding:

Her dad found her pics... 6
“I never thought I’d find pictures of my daughter fucking on the internet.”


Her dad found her pics... 7
“Or of her ass hole, you asshole”

Damn. Dave had really found the motherload of Sarah’s pics. And saved them to his phone!?

“I honestly didn’t anticipate you finding them.” That was a true statement, although the thought had crossed my mind that he would find them.

My penis continued to pulse in my pants. My hot wife was fully exposed to her dad. He now knew what I had done, but she certainly didn’t.