I was surprised to find Ana’s car in our driveway, when I came back home early from my office…
She would be at work at that time; it looked a bit strange.
I opened the front door and almost froze in the threshold, when I saw her clothes ragged to pieces on the carpet and also some trousers that were not mine…

Also I found my wife’s phone in the mess of clothing and it displayed a huge amount of missed calls.
I saw it was set on vibrate mode.
The sounds from upstairs were unmistakable: I could hear Ana’s moaning and grunting as she was having sex…

I climbed the stairs to get a view that really shocked me:
Lying on our marital bed, my sexy wife was on her back with her legs in the air and a black man who I had never seen before was thrusting his hard cock in her, in a very wild pace.

Instead of getting mad and throw this nigger off of my wife’s body, I just stood there and watched Anita give in to her lust and take his hard black cock in.

They did not even notice at first that I was standing in the doorway. I was mesmerized by the sight of Ana’s tits swaying in time with his thrusts; when all of the sudden the scene was frozen by my “what the fuck is that…”

The man pulled out of my wife and jumped off of the bed.
It took a moment for Anita to come to her senses; having this young black guy fucking her brains out had put her in a daze. But she soon realized that I was in the room.
Ana just reacted as I had expected, coming over to me and hugging me, as she whispered in my ear:
“Sorry, I love you, but it happened so fast I could not help it…”

As she said that, Ana realized I was hard as a rock.
“I think you are fine with this, honey, because your cock is…”
She grabbed my hand. leading me over to her lover, who was introduced to me as Gregg. We shook hands and Ana said:
“Do you want to watch him continue, honey”.
A soft and single “yes” escaped from my lips.

The black guy was still a little unsure, but Ana got on all fours over the bed and he mounted her from behind; keeping an eye on me to make sure I stayed sitting a little far from them…

I watched as Gregg made my sexy wife his black cock slut. She did not miss a beat pushing her ass against him in time with his hard trusts. Her nice round tits swayed back and forth and her moans echoed in my ears.
Gregg’s thrusts intensified and I guessed that he was still harder on seeing another man watch as his wife became a full white slutty slave for black cock.

Anita was not holding back at all words flowed out of her mouth. I had never heard her use such a nasty vocabulary.
Gregg suddenly looked at me, saying he was coming in Ana.
Before I could say anything, my sensual babe yelled at him, begging the black guy to come in her well stretched cunt…
A final deep thrust from him and she let out a satisfied long scream in pleasure, while she told me that the black stud was filling her hungry cunt with his burning semen…