Hiking in the mountains & Hijab.Sun is shining and the weather forecast looks good. The temperature steady at 77 Fahrenheit in my hometown. It’s considered acceptable. Bergen is not exactly known for heat and sun, but in May to September there tends to be a lot of good weather.
My name is Stein, I have a past from the army, I’m a trained engineer and working with something completely different. I’m a large visible man, shaved on the head and with a long blond beard. Is 30 years old and is an active gentleman who do his workout, tends to party and lives the life. I’ve never committed to any girl, but I say to myself it’s because I’ve never met the One.
I now have 4 weeks paid vacation, and a new job that expects me in 2 months.
Life is wonderful, but I need to charge my batteries after a long haul at my former job.
I need to get away from the rush in city centers, and a busy everyday life. My mind thought about traveling foreign, like Thailand og some places with palm trees, but found that in order to be a little for myself, the best thing for me to do, is to take a trip to the mountains.
So, this year it will be hiking, and certainly a little away from where everyone else goes.
The Hardangervidden, and the areas around the mountain park can be used without meeting anyone else. And I have already a little secluded space deep in the expanse which I call Steinbu (Stein’s place). The property is not mine, of course, it’s public, but I’m the one who has built it by hand, and I’ve never seen or notice anyone else camp there.
I planned the trip and thought about using some public cabins on the way but chose to base most of the hiking, sleeping in the open.
The day had finally arrived, and the car stuffed with everything I needed. Food, clothing, sleeping bag, tent and some trapping/hunting equipment, a book, medical stuff, distress beacon and personal hygiene products.

Day 1
After parking the car, I made my way into the deserted mountains. I experienced a pearly mood, and all I could hear around me was the small cry of the mountain. I know from experience that this cry would get louder with time, when one gets used to not hearing cars and people. Life is still good.
The first stop for the evening placed me at some distance from a small lake, just far enough away to escape most of the mosquitoes. I lay down in the moss, enjoying the peace and quiet. I gazed around and scouted for a****ls and birds that were nearby.
My body reacted nicely to the hiking, and I’m glad I’ve kept it in shape. I’m not a bodybuilder, but I have an ok figure. Muscular and 6’5′ tall. Some people think I’m a little bit scary in a suit, but when I wear hiking clothes, everything’s fine. People are weird! Hahaha.
A few miles beyond me I can make out two people that also had found themselves a good place to camp for the night. God blesses. I will probably not see them again tomorrow ?.
I ate some cold canned food. Stripped out of my clothing, checked my body for wear and tear, brushed my teeth and went into my sleeping bag. I could see the sunset where the sun passed the horizon in the North Sea. I could see the shore of the west coast of Norway 140km or 88 miles away.
The sun set at 11.30 PM, but it will not get pith dark, just a light dusk in the summer. I went to dreamland right away.