This story continues from Pt 2 as seen and experienced through the eyes of Hilda

As I lay there in the car trunk, bound and gagged, my most immediate thought was that I had really screwed up. My mind was screaming run! But my heart was telling me that Gary was just going to take me somewhere, have guys **** and use me, then cage me for a few days. Ithought he may even make me move in with him, which was fine, because I was prepared to go that far to honor the contract. I couldn’t believe he had tricked us with the notification, but I accepted it thinking I was about to experience sex in a whole new level.

I looked Keith in the eyes as he stood at the trunk and masturbated and stroked my legs while I lay there. His load almost blinded me, it was so much. I saw in his eyes he was so filled with lust and excitement, then a little fear as he closed the trunk lid. Then it went dark and I felt the car moving. We were leaving. Gary would never tell me where he was going to take me, just I was going and deal with it. It seemed like an eternity before the car stopped and I heard them get out. I distinctly heard the lawyer tell Gary this was the last time he would deal withn me, and it was probably best he find a new lawyer. I heard Gary laugh, and tell the lawyer that I had asked for this, and he was going to be sure I saw it through. Then the trunk opened.

I soon learned we were in Tennessee. Not even in Alabama anymore. Now my mind started setting off alarm bells. Way too late, but alarm bells anyway. Two men I had never met before, both of them large men, muscular, and hard looking lifted me from the trunk roughly. They obviously had no concern for my comfort. My feet were asleep from the zip ties on my ankles, as were my hands. My legs were numb so bad I couldn’t stand. Once they took me inside the building, (it looked like an old office complex that was abandoned) they washed my face then began prodding me. They laid me on an old pool table..still gagged and bound. I could barely feel their hands. They made comments like, Grad A,..nice and firm, etc. One of them yanked on the new nipple rings..that hurt like hell. I tried to yell but it was muffled by the gag. Then they slapped me so hard I actually saw stars. They dark haired one just said in a threatening tone:

“shut up! you have just begun to be a slave! Meat doesn’t complain! One more time, and you get the cattle prod!””

I felt a blinding, consuming shock as the hit my thighs with a long stick..I was almost paralyzed. I couldn’t breathe and the other removed my gag. He just rolled me onto my stomach and began slapping my ass. I felt his thick fingers probe my cunt, sliding up and down my thighs. I heard a camera clicking and saw flashes. They turned me over again and then took more photos. Gary sat at a computer, silent as he worked on a websiye. He downloaded the photos they had taken to a web site I later learned was slavefarm. He turned and looked at me with the most evil, angry look I had ever seen.