Holiday of fun Part 1

My annual holiday had been booked months in advance, I was looking forward to chilling for 14 days in the sun, relaxing on the beach and having a few drinks at night. This year was different though as I was travelling alone, my friend had recently got engaged and would be holidaying with his fiancé. So, as I enjoy my own company I decided I would still travel but this year I could do as I pleased without having to compromise to keep my friend happy as well.

It was Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours before my flight, my concentration was drifting into holiday mode, the minutes seemed like hours and the day dragged on, Chrissie was with me in the office that day we were both working quietly on our own things, just the clicking of the keyboards breaking the silence, “you excited” I jumped slightly as her voice seemed to bounce around the room, “yes, very, but also slightly nervous” I replied. Chrissie chuckled, “you will be fine, just go to the beach, chill out and see what happens from there.” I nodded and got back to my work, it needed finishing before I went home, even if I had to stay late. That was an order from my boss, the piece had to be ready, fit for publication before I left or don’t bother coming back!!! I looked at the clock, just an hour to go, it looks like I could be working later than planned again.

The last hour flew by, in fact I checked my watch to make sure the clock had not gone at double speed but no, it was 5pm on both, I looked at Chrissie who was still head down and typing away, “what time you going home?” I asked. She looked at the clock and said “as soon as I have finished this. What about you?” I stretched my arms up and behind my head before replying, “as soon as I can, this needs finishing or the gorilla will be firing me!!” I sank back into my chair with a smile on my face and got back to work. A few minutes later Chrissie asked if I would like a drink from the machine as she was getting one, I gave her some change that was on my desk and she wandered off down the corridor her heels clicking with every step and getting quieter and quieter. A couple of minutes later the clicking started and got closer and closer, the office door opened and in came Chrissie with a coffee cup in either hand, placed one on her desk then headed over with mine, placing it down “thanks!! While you are here could you just check this paragraph reads ok please?” my mind was having a mental block and drifting into holiday mode way too soon! Chrissie moved around behind my chair and read through the text before mumbling “umm no it’s” then paused while reading it again. Her arms suddenly came over my shoulders to my keyboard to correct the wording, as she did I felt the warmth and firmness of her breasts rest against my neck, I moved forward slightly thinking I had leaned back too far but she moved forward with me, her breasts cushioning my neck and shoulders, a few seconds later she had corrected the text and instead of moving away she wrapped her arms across my chest pulling me back towards her, lowered her head alongside mine and while hugging me whispered “I am so jealous of you going away tomorrow, I go there regular, it’s a lovely resort with soft sandy beaches, lots of nightlife and 2 minutes’ walk from a nudist beach where I go most days!” I have to admit I was slightly shocked, Chrissie never seemed like a nudist, she never left any clues to what she did on her holidays but she always came back with a lovely tan.