I got back from a holiday in Spain two months ago that I went on by myself’
It was one that I wont forget in a hurry or want too as I got the fucking of my life!
I’m a School head mistress & have been now for 6 years’ 49 years old but still quite fit as go to the gym quite a lot & run lots’

It was on the second day of my holiday that I had gone on all by myself that I noticed a group of young looking lads that seemed to be getting a good eye full of me as I was lying on the beach !

I had on my red bikini that show off my quite big boobs so thought that must be it & carried on sunbathing’ Around 15 mins later I looked up to see that they were still there but now taking photo’s on their phones! The cheeky fuckers I said to myself but secretly got quite turned by it so didn’t do or say anything’

Around 5 mins later a shadow fell over me so looked up to see who it was only to hear…Hello Miss Ross!…we thought it was you.
After a couple moments I could see it was one of my old School pupils from a couple of years back’ I was their School Head Mistress so was a bit taken aback at first half naked in front of now 7 of them as he waved them over’ Yeahh it is Miss Ross’ We didn’t know if we should come over or not at first’ Ohh that’s ok.. its nice to see you all’

They were all 18ish now & all had been at my School’ I remembered most of their names too’ So what are you all doing here together for then’ We said once we had finished our exams & such that we would all go on holl together’ Ha ha so the last thing you wanted to see was me then! As we got talking I could see their eyes were fixed on my tits & bikini bottoms’

So you’re here on your own then are you? Yes all by myself’ After around 10 mins of chatting one said.. If ya like we could meet up later for a drink if ya like? Err yes ok…we can meet in the bar at my hotel’

Later I started wondering if I was doing the right thing meeting 7 young lads I was teaching only a couple of years back plus the fact I am old enough to be there mum (51). What were they expecting from me I wondered & would I go along with it if they tried it on!

Not long before I set off to meet them I took a shower as it was roasting but found myself rubbing my clit like crazy & came in no time at all’
I was saying to myself what the hell are you doing you silly cow as I was getting dressed but then thinking they probably just want a drink & that’s it!