Home Alone With My ‘Othermother’Life was pretty good in the 90s, except that my parents had been killed in an auto accident a few years earlier. Mom’s best friend and her husband, Joshua, took me in, and within months I was part of their loving family.

One thing that I noticed about Marry was that she was terrified of thunderstorms. Joshua would joking tell Marry that she was 25 years old and had to get over being afraid of storms. I even remember Joshua telling his sister, Diana, that if the storm was approaching and he was at work, you could count on Marry to be at their neighbors’ backdoor.

Marry was an outgoing person. She was always smiling, except during storms, and liked everybody. She was attractive, with black hair and brown eyes. She was about 5′ 5″ tall and weighed about 130 pounds, slightly on the plump side. She had a lovely figure overall that any man could die for. Sometimes, I would jack off in the bathroom after secretly peeking at her wearing bra and thong when she was in her room.

Joshua’s personality was the opposite of Marry’s. He was a brooding guy, about 27 years old, and never smiled much. Although he was a big handsome guy, I believed Marry could have done much better in terms of getting someone to share things with.

Few weeks after Marry and Joshua took me in, I settled into a routine and became a part of Joshua and Marry’s family. In the first year, we went on a family vacation, and for the first time since my parents died, I had a good time.

When we returned, Joshua started packing for a business trip to Nairobi. He wanted Marry to go with him, but she said, “not this time. The last time it was so boring for me.” The night before Joshua left, he said, “John, watch out for Marry. I’ll be back in a week.”

Later that night, I stood against the wall that separated their bedroom from mine and listened as Joshua fucked Marry. I had been doing this ever since I had moved in. As Joshua would screw Marry, I would jack off. Suddenly I heard Marry yell, “dammit, Joshua, I told you to use a rubber. I don’t want to get knocked up again yet.” “Sorry, but your cunt made me hurry, and besides, I like the feel of bareback pussy.” “Fuck you,” Marry said. “O.k.”, and then I heard Joshua hammering her again. “Did you cum,” he asked. “Fuck no, as usual,” she said. “Go to sleep,” she said, “you have a long trip tomorrow.’

I wiped the cum drippings off my cock and the wall and climbed in bed. It was good to feel the crisp sheets on my cock and ass, and soon I was asleep.

Two nights later, we went to bed at about 10:30 pm. An hour or so later, I heard thunder and saw lightning. The storm was getting worse when there was a knock on the door. “John, can I come in, I am scared to death” Marry whispered. “Come on in,” I said. She came scooting in and jumped in bed. She was shaking like a leaf.