So carrying on from where I left off in Part One. If you haven’t read it, then go get up to speed!

Gemma got home from work with a bit of a shock to myself and Louise who was about to get her tonsils tickled by my cock. So I’ve got myself composed and get to the kitchen before she has got into the house. Prepping dinner I hear foot steps and turn to see Gemma walk in. Fuck she looks good, she had a Black suit jacket and trousers on. Matching this was a White blouse and just visable under it was a lacey white bra showing just a hint of her nipple area. Damn I say you look so fuckable grabbing her close and kissing her full on, she grabs my cock and whispers in my ear ” when Louise is in bed later I want this inside me “. Well that was enough for me as a smile came across my face, the thought of shooting my cum in her gave my cock a twitch.

We all ate dinner together that night Louise giving me teasing glimpses of her breasts when Gemma wasn’t looking. Then Gemma licking her lips in anticipation of having my cock there, it was like I was watching a tennis match my head going from side to side.

Louise went off to bed early that night and as we heard her bedroom door closed Gemma threw out the remark of she is probably going to play with herself much to my shock as I sprayed my cup of tea out of my mouth. Gemma carried on with well she is a nympho I’ve heard her on my day off playing and cumming, you dont really think she is painting her nails do you ?. My cock is now starting to drip pre cum at the thought of her playing with herself. Gemma must notice this but before I could do anything she is on my kissing me. I only have a T shirt and shorts on which she is now pulling off me, Gemma stands up and starts to do a sexy sway slowley opening her robe to reveal some new sexy blue lace underwear. The bra was just about containing her 38DD’s my eyes working down her slender figure inside the blue lace thong I spot a thin line of pubic hair. Somebody had a trim I see smiling at Gem, she normally had a trim full covering but tonight she had shaved it almost to a point. Gemma now giving me a full tease she gets to her knees and starts to lick her way up my cock, licking around the head then down my shaft my cock now swollen to the max her hands run up my chest and back down to assist her mouth with some gentle tugging on my length. I look down and get eye contact with Gemma she looks at me and asks ” how shall I take it ” A short think and I reply with ” well I haven’t had a tit wank for a while ” that dirty bitch look in her eye and sneaky smile appear and she stands to remove her bra. She spits on her lush 38DD’s and slips my cock between them, wanking away it didn’t take long for me to shoot. Probably thinking of Louise potentially finger fucking or toying herself didn’t help. I shot a good load of hot cum between her tits and colapsed onto the sofa. Gemma still on her knees looked down at it and smiled, she rubbed that cum around her tits paying good attention to her hard nipples. We went to bed after that Gemma diving into the shower to get rid of her new breast cream that I gave her downstairs.