House Robbery Turns Into Unexpected FoursomeHouse Robbery Turns Into Unexpected Foursome 2

I hail from telengana and m staying here for my job purpose in my rented house where i used to stay alone! Ok! Coming to the topic. I m a normal Indian girl from a normal family. 5.5 is my height and m chubby with 34 C boob and 38 butt! This all happened back in 2014 November.

It was a cold rainy winter night and i came home from work after a very tired day. As it was Friday, it was casuals day i was in jeans and t-shirt and i came home tired and drenched due to rain. After a hot bath and dinner i changed to my favorite synthetic saree. I loved wearing light sarees on cold winter nights. Its kinda sexy. To be frank singledom bored me n i kinda fancy things wen i m in very light saree. It was 10 pm which was too early for me to sleep but due to a tired day and d climate i fell asleep even without switching off the zero watt bulb which gave adequate light. Then from here the most unexpected experience of my life happened.

It was around 1 am in d midnight and i was sound asleep near the window. I dont know how things happened. 3 robbers.. 2 Indian and 1 negro had broken into my house. They were trying to rob my house *(lol. Tho there was nothing valuable kept as i dont even have money due to month end crises)*. They must have entered through the balcony grill. Sound asleep i dint sense any sound. One robber who entered my room saw my sleeping and the others entered quietly. I was sleeping facing the sides. My saree wasn’t pinned and was held loose. The robber must have had a good view of cleavage of my fair skin in that black blouse.

Then i turned and was sleeping with my back on the bed. And my pallu moved. The robbers who came chucked the idea of robbery and were having a good feast seeing my cleavage. Then one Indian guy came near and took my pallu off and spoke to the other in tamil saying “come and help to unhook” they slowly unhooked my blouse buttons and had a view of my black bra. This turned on the negro guy!

i felt some thing crawling over me and opened my eyes in half sleep and was shocked to see 2 robbers invading me. One robber stopped me fro shouting by kissing on my lip. He broke the kiss and threatened me to co operate else he will hurt me brutally. I was helpless as the bastards cuffed my hands.

They made me stand and told their names were ashok, raj and john. Ashok pulled the saree out of me and made me stand in my inners and pushed me to the bed. Meanwhile the negro guy tore open my bra and my boobs were hanging to the sides. Ashok saw my breasts like an hungry a****l and grabbed them and started fondling hardly. Now i was in bed helpless and pleading to leave me. I wasnt heard. Ashok started licking my right boob and raj on the left. Suddenly john started kissing me with a french kiss with his tongue rolling and sucking mine. My shouts suddenly turned to moans. I was feeling pleasure all of a sudden. Two men sucking my boobs and another kissing me.