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I had everything going for me. At the age of 34, I was happily married with a son almost one year old. He was a very late arrival after a few miscarriages. My husband raj is a dentist, with good income and we lived in comfortable three bed room house in the best part of the town. Raj was quite busy with his work. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have much time for me or even for his pride and joy, his only son, Sujan. I accepted it like any other dutiful wife would. After all, raj was a good provider and i had everything I needed. But when i looked at my friends who seem to be having a wholesome family life, i started to feel that i was missing out on many aspects in life, more than money could buy.
When i went out with them on the occasional times when i was able to, i noticed that they were all talking about the quality time they had with their husbands and teasing remarks about the intimate things they do. I started to brood over what i was hearing from my friends. Was i missing out on what should be normal? Were my needs being fulfilled? I never gave much thought to such things before. Some of the stuff the girls talked about, made me feel embarrassed but at the same time, to my disbelief, made me excited too. I knew that i was quite beautiful with a body to go along with it. I was quite conscious of people staring at my boobs and my bottom, especially men. In the early days of our marriage, raj was a very passionate lover and i enjoyed the physical aspect of the love making very much. With advancing pregnancy, he stopped making love and it has continued even after the birth. I was starting to miss it, but didn’t know how to raise the matter with him.
To make it worse, with his work he was having late nights even during the weekends. By the time he went to bed, i was already asleep and he seems to snooze off in no time. Thilakam was a family friend. A very friendly lady who has been very helpful to me from the time i married and had a home of my own. She was a widow and she had just one son, nandan, who unfortunately was developmentally challenged, a term used for mentally retarded. It is not fair to call him mentally retarded because he was only marginally affected. For all practical purpose, he was a normal boy, at least physically. He did schooling up to 8th grade and since then was trained to be a carpenter and he has always been quite handy with tools. He was quite independent, but his mother still treated him as an invalid. Thilakam treasured him and all her life seems to be centred on his upbringing and needs. Despite his handicap, he was a very gentle and respectful boy.
Since i had my baby, i has been quite busy and found it hard to even get my shopping done. Thilakam helped me in that aspect and sometimes even cooked a dish or two for me. I was always very appreciative of the help rendered by her. Raj and i did not have any family or relatives living nearby to help us. One day while we were talking, i noticed that thilakam looked worried. I asked her what was bothering her. She told me that she had a sister back home who was quite sick and there was nobody to take care of her. Her sister lived in a farm in a remote village and was quite adamant that she would not leave her home. Being the only living relative she felt that she had to do some thing about it. Nandan was developmentally marginally retarded. For all practical purposes he looks normal for his age. But, he was quite reserved and behaved like some one lots younger. He could manage most of the things by himself but cooking was some thing which was beyond him. Naturally the mother was worried how he would manage if she leaves him alone and go to mind her sister.