After almost 20 years of legal profession, I was now an accomplished lawyer: I had my own firm, several younger lawyers working for me, big and important clients, a sports car, and a house on the hills overlooking the city.

But my personal life was a mess: I had no friends, only coworkers and clients, and most importantly, my wife left me. We met during college, and had a very torrid relationship at the beginning. We were virgins when we met, so we discovered everything together. And we weren’t afraid to experiment new things: after kissing, we moved quickly to pussy licking and blowjobs, to regular fucking, and afterwards to anal. But we didn’t stop there. Once, when I was deep inside her ass, she told me that I don’t know what I’m missing feeling a dick in my ass. That did it for me, and almost immediately I exploded inside her. As usual, I licked her clean of the mess I made in her pussy, before sharing the cum with her.

The following night, during what I believed is the regular prelude blowjob, she inserted her middle finger in my anus, and started massaging my prostate. Actually, the whole day she studied how to do it on the internet, and she was good at it. It didn’t take me long to shoot several ropes of cum in her mouth. From this, we progressed to small anal toys for couples, and all culminated one day, when she was waiting for me in the bedroom wearing a strap-on. It was a slim and small one, not more than 6 inches, but it looked impressively on her slender frame. In fact, having a flat chest, with two small mounds with big nipples, she a had the looks of a very androgynous person. My anus wasn’t totally unprepared, due to our previous experiments, but I felt a little bit anxious about having another person fucking my ass, even if it was my beautiful wife. She was very attentive, and prepared me with a lot of patience. I laid down on my back, and she licked and played with my ass until I relaxed completely. After my asshole was well lubed and dilated, she started slowly penetrating me. It was such a strange feeling, seeing such a beautiful woman on top of me, but instead of her riding my dick, her dick slowly inserting inside of me, touching my prostate. That night I had one of my most powerful orgasms ever. I got covered in my own cum, like those girls in the German bukkake movies. Next nights we played the more conventional way, me fucking her ass and pussy. But during the week-end she was waiting for me again with the strap-on. Each time we repeated the experience, she let loose a little bit more, fucking me a little bit stronger, and I loved it.

But during this time, my professional career hit off, and I started having more and more success. I don’t know if my love life helped me, but I became the new star of the legal profession in our city. And my working hours got longer, and each month I started getting home later and later. If in the beginning we were making love almost every night, now there were weeks when we hardly met. She tried warning me, telling me to cool down a little and focus on the more important things in life, but I was telling myself, and trying to convince her as well, that everything I was doing was for us, for our family. We started fighting, and that gave me a reason to come home even later. And one day, out of the blue (or so it seemed to me at that time), I came home to find her gone. She filed the divorce papers, and moved back to her home town. I tried to reconcile, but it was too late.