Last Friday night my wife Rachel sent me a text that she was coming over to my apartment.

“I’m on my way over. I hope you don’t have any plans for tonight.”

My wife and I separated over a year ago, and since then she has become my dominatrix. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but that’s how it is now. When we first got married we played a few BDSM games, but it’s nothing like it is now. Ever since we separated, or perhaps because we are separated, she has this unbelievable passion to dominate me.

Maybe it’s because I live alone in a brick building which is sound-proof, and she knows that no one can hear us. Or maybe it’s because we are no longer a couple she doesn’t have to worry about how BDSM affects our relationship, since we have none. She knows she can hurt me and humiliate me, and not worry about any repercussions. She’s free to do as she wishes, and she loves the power. She also knows I’m submissive, and will do whatever she wants. Lastly, since we no longer have intercourse, she has no reservations about any damage she may do to my cock and balls. She doesn’t need them to work anymore.

About thirty minutes later she arrived. She has a key now, so she let herself in.

“Take off your clothes.”

No hello, or how are you. Damn! I wonder what’s in store for tonight?

“So I was in the store today, and I saw something that really interested me. Here it is.”

She threw a bag of 100 clothespins at me.

“Its says high quality on the package. As I was looking at the package in the store, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could place all of these clothespins on you all at once. I’ve never tried more than 10 before as you know, and it’s always been with the cheap kind that fall off easily. I want to try these tonight.”

No sense arguing, so I took off my clothes as she requested. She dragged me to the bedroom naked and then tied my arms and legs to the bedposts like she usually does.

She ripped the bag open and started placing the clothespins all over my body, paying special attention to my cock and balls, and my nipples. They hurt like hell, and this was only after the first 20! I tried to shake them off but couldn’t.

“Rachel, I don’t think I can take any more.” That was my first mistake, asking for mercy.

She thought it was funny. “Oh really? I still have another 80 to go. We’re not done yet.”

So slowly she proceeded to put them on, watching how I’d react. As I flinched, she smiled ever so slightly, and continued her task. It took about 30 minutes, but she managed to place all 100 of the clothespins on me. My cock and balls had about 40 of them; the rest were spread out over the rest of my body. Rachel stood back a bit and admired her work.