I had just got on the train at Glasgow Queen Street after at the end of a long week, as usual the train was packed out with rush hour traffic; I was heading home to Dundee after working all week in Glasgow and was glad to be heading home. The train was noisy, I could hear the obligatory hen party at the back of the carriage and the chatter amongst the commuters heading home

I had just got myself comfortable and the train was ready to depart when a man asked if I would move my bag so he could sit next to me. I really couldn’t be arsed, but I moved my bag and he thanked me as he sat down. He wiped his brow as he commented on the hot as fuck weather was and that kind of started off the conversation that would forever change my sexual existence.

It started with some chat about how hot the weather was, he introduced himself as Josh and I told him my name was Scott. In the course of the conversation he told me that he had been down to Glasgow visiting his family as his little sister was due to head off to university in a few weeks. I chatted about work and it’s fair to say that we seemed to be getting along alright, mostly just small talk.

As the train thundered along our chat continued, at one point I one of the girls from the hen party at the back of the train walked up the aisle towards the toilet. I was momentarily distracted from our conversation as I watched her perfect arse wriggle past. She was wearing this amazing little red dress that barley covered her tight arse. On her way back I got a look at her from the front but her plunging neckline was all I had time to take in, showing off a nice big pair of tits begging to be ripped out of that dress….

How I met a New Friend
Anyway, turned out that Josh was also getting of the in Dundee and the two of us chatted as we left. There was a bit of an awkward moment as we went to leave in the midst of a debate about football the Josh said “fuck it mate, you want to go get a pint” , and I figured it couldn’t hurt.

One paint, led to two, led to three and we were both a little pissed. Josh came back with the fourth pint. “fuck me mate that bar maid’s tits look fucking amazing eh?” he said, sounding like he was starting to slur his words a little. “yeah I wouldn’t mind her riding me” I replied. We both laughed it off but continued perving on a few of the girls in the pub.

“ohhh fuck” Josh said “there’s that slut you were checking out on the train with the big tits, mind, the hen party”. It didn’t even click with me that he called her a “slut”. We sat perving on the hen party, it was clear that the bride was the ugly friend. Josh was trying to convince me to try to pull the “slut” I had been perving on. However just as I had enough courage to walk up to her some black lad started chatting her up.