So back in December 2019 i was on this adult dating site called when i found her.

On her profile she was looking for a “sugar daddy” or someone to help her with her financial problems. On her proflie she wrote “Latina woman with 44hhh breast looking for help”. So i wrote her a message offering her $100 to sent me more pictures of her breast in different bras and colors. She liked the offer and accepted we exchanged numbers and i got 15 pictures of her breast for $100.

So we text and video chat on kik,i used a app to screen record and capture her face.She doesn’t send face pics for some personal reason,but i wanted a pic of her face for my comfort. After talking on video for like 8 mins i ask her if she would let me titfuck her for $200. She accepted the offer and invited me over to her cousins apartment after he left for work.That video is “titfucking 44hhh hispanic breast” on my page. In the video i didn’t cum while recording, her breast were bigger than i thought and holding her breast and a phone wasn’t easy.

So i record for like a good minute of video then i put the phone down, and start going to town on this titfuck. I grab a handful of both of her breast and sandwich my cock right between them,and oh my god her breast was sooooooo damn soft it wasn’t funny. I rub my cock back and forth between her massive cleavage,my cock looking like a 747 airplane and her cleavage looking like the grand canyon. I start sweating and eventually i cum,most of the cum hits up her neck and upper chest area and starts dripping down to her breast like leaking water on a wall.

I wipe the cum off my cock using her breast and pull my pants up.She uses a dirty shirt from a clothes bin to clean herself up. We talk for a while and discuss a second meeting for another titfucking session i give her a hug and leave.

For the second meeting i book a hotel room in Natick Massachusetts called the red roof inn. That second video is called “cock slapping 44hhh tits”, i get there first and text her the room number and wait. She shows up and we make small talk like “how are you feeling tonight” and “hows the family” etc. I then tell her “lets get started’ and order her to get on her knees, just the site of her on her knees with those huge breast in front of me makes me hard. I pull my phone out and record a 30 second video of slapping her cleavage with my cock. I cum on her tits and take a picture for memorabilia.

She walks towards the sink covered in cum and washes her chest,she comes back to the bed topless and wet and sits on the bed and we talk some more. This would be the last time i would be face to face with Mariela, the last time i talked to her on the phone was back in February of 2020 “when Covid-19 was starting”.