How IMORNERY81 Lost His Cherry

A young female friend on here asked me how I lost my virginity. I tried to describe it for her. I’m sure it isn’t a unique story, but … I decided to share it, not just with her but with all of my readers.


I can remember every detail of that first time! It was prom. I was Junior, she was a Senior. God I was a stupid, naive idiot!! It had been a wonderful night, lots of laughs, dancing, and the after prom was in a town not too far away. We had rented out a movie theater for the midnight to 3:00 a.m. time slot and then at 4:30 a.m. one of our friends were having breakfast at their house. We snuck out of the movie early… like an hour and a half was not going to be long enough!!!

Riley was slim. I mean, she was probably 5’8″ and even wearing jewelry barely got her weight over 100 pounds. But I knew she had the hots for me and well…. I was completely without experience. She was not. Rumors had it she had missed the first part of school that year as she recovered from an abortion. She knew what she was doing and so I was hopeful, but stupid.

After sneaking out of the movie, we got in my car with no real plans where to go to make out. We pulled down a side road onto another even more remote road. There was a long lane and all of the lights were off in the house way back. I turned off the car and turned to her and we started kissing.

I thought I was in heaven! I loved the taste of Riley’s tongue and breathe!! She could kiss me in a way that immediately had my heart pounding and we both were out of our jackets in no time!

She was wearing a black sweater turtleneck, black slacks. Who cares what I had on, I sure don’t remember! But I can remember the touch of my hand on that soft fabric as I turned into her and put my hand on her shoulder! It was so soft! I moved my hand up and down her upper arm a couple of times as we kissed and then the back of my thumb brushed the outer side of her bra! I remember holding my breath wondering if she would scream at me or slap me. She gave a little moan. I opened my eyes and looked into her watery blue eyes. She then brought her arm closer to her and the back of my hand pressed against her breast. The moan was more obvious! I just am not certain if it was hers or ours!!!

I remember how her breast fit in the palm of my hand. I just pressed the flat of my hand over the front of her breast. My fingers could feel her ribs above the swell and the heel of my hand was resting on the bones below. She was small…but I also felt her nipple drilling into my palm! Her hand came up and showed me how to move my hand and fingers over her breast. Her way made it better for her and felt so damn good to me too!