S and I have been married before and when we got married, we were both in our 40s. One thing we have always been is honest with each other and openly talked about sex and what turned us on. I had realised that S had never gone long without having a boyfriend around even though she had separated from her 1st husband many years before. One evening when we were talking, I put it to her that she could not go long without cock and that was why there seemed always to be a man around.After telling me off for being so crude she did concede that she was a man’s woman and never had any feelings for other women and yes did love cock.!

She had always been faithful to whichever boyfriend she had but did not necessarily keep them long and moved on to another regularly! While we were discussing sex, she also found out about my sex life and that I had in the past experienced mff 3-somes and girlfriend swapping with mates before my 1stmarriage. S thought that I had much more experience sexually and worried that she might be a bit boring as I had more sexual experiences, I suggested that maybe she might want to try swinging but she said she did not want to share me.I conceded that I was not interested in other women now as she was the only one,I wanted. As S was not interested in other ladies, I suggested that maybe she could have a some fun with other men, and we talked about what she would like,eventually agreeing that she would like to try some erotic massages with me watching in the room. This led to a few occasions when away on holiday that she received some erotic massages from men in our hotel rooms. These were professional masseurs and she enjoyed the attention and it was relaxing but she did not enjoy it as much as she was expecting. On one occasion I could take photos of the masseur and I certainly enjoyed watching another man massaging my naked wife and rubbing her most intimate areas. S liked the experiences but never was satisfied to orgasm.

How It All Started

A few weeks after her latest massage S suggested that maybe if she had more of a choice of who gave the massage and if she liked one that she could relax more and may behave more regular massages. For this to work we would have to find someone not too far from home, I suggested within an hour drive so we could drive to hotel book a room and have the massage then stay over and make a night of it. Started searching for suitable men and after some advertising on a swing site and with S reviewing profiles we eventually selected J who lived about an hour away.He agreed to meet up with me for a drink and to chat to explain what we wanted.I showed photos of S in lingerie and naked and he was very impressed, I made it clear that S had received massages before but that she had never had an orgasm as she didn’t fancy the masseurs and it was a bit strange just meeting on the one time for a massage and that if we met every 6 – 8 weeks she would relax more. He thought this a very good idea! I could not guarantee any more than him being able to massage my naked wife but that I was hopeful that she would relax enough so that eventually more soft sexual play could be introduced and who knows even full sex, however S had not hinted at this at all it was jut our wishful thinking. J also agreed that I could photograph the sessions provided his face was not shown everywhere.