Tim an I carried on our sleepover hobby right over the summer holidays. We spent most days doing what boys did at that age; BMX biking, skateboarding, swimming… you know? The usual stuff and several times a week we’d have sleepovers. Kristins lovely underwear came out most nights and so did Tims Sisters on a bit of a surprise rotation depending on what was available at the time. The modelling got less embaressing but just as exciting in other ways.
My afternoon paper round kept me punctual over the holidays as we were pretty much left to our devices most of the time. Our parents were good friends and both thought we were trustworthy enough not to get into any serious trouble together. They were right about one thing – we never got in trouble! While delivering papers, It became apparent it was a perfect opportunity to scope out womens underwear on washing lines around the neighborhood. It became the highlight of the job. I started keeping note of which places I’d seen interesting items and began wondering if it would be possible to grab something and not get caught. I always chickened out.
One evening Tim and I were walking between houses and I brought the subject up. I just came out with it as we were passing one of my prospects.
“Theres a lady who lives there who hangs all her underwear on the line. I see it sometimes over the hedge by the letterbox.”
“Oh that’s Helen, Mums knows her. Shes pretty hot. Hey wow wouldn’t it be cool if we got some of it? Does she leave it out overnight? We could sneak out late and have a look!”
No motivation required.
“Shit yes!” I repied. Then I layed it all down for him. “There are heaps of places on my round that have stuff on the lines. Some of them look pretty easy to get to. We should definatly have a look. Tonight.”
“OK. Sure. Let’s stay at your place. It’s easier to get out.”
Tims downstairs room had a ranch slider that opened silently onto the sloping garden at the back of the house, Down to the back fence over which was a largely overgrown, virtually forgotten public pathway winding its way down the hill past a dozen houses down to the road. We used it only when we didn’t have our bikes as the overgrown foliage and steep steps made it almost impossible. I never ever saw anyone else using it. We got to his place and announced our change of sleeping plans and went down to the bottom of the garden to recon the path for the dark. On our way down the steps Tim spied some washing on a line about 3 houses down. I only saw white sheets blowing in the gentle breeze but he thought it would be worth checking anyway. Our plan was hatched. Now for darkness. We stayed up in the lounge most of the night and hijacked the TV as soon as possible with some shitty 80s splatter movies in a tactical move to force everyone to go to bed. Remember, most houses only had one TV, a VCR if you were wealthy (Tims parents were), there were no cellphones and no internet. Most families didn’t even have a computer. Our families both had BBC Micros as they were the popular school computers of the time where we lived.
It would have been after midnight when we crept downstairs but not before Tim made a trip to the laundry. I was puzzled at this move as we were planning on coming home with something different but it soon made sense.
“I’m going to wear Kristens bra and panties under my clothes tomight” Tim announced.
“Are you mad? What if we get caught?”
“that’ll be the least of our problems if we get caught” Tim replied as he slipped off his track pants and tshirt and expertly slid the pretty nylon and lace panties up his legs. His cock was already hard, which made mine stand up. Just as deftly he swung himslef into the bra and clipped it up behind his back.
“You’ve been practicing” I said, more than a little impressed. I vowed to myself that I’d master the putting on of this most wonderful and mysterious garment.
“yep. It’s easy now. I got you some things from upstairs. Come on pussy.”
He didn’t have to tell me twice. I picked out a matching colour bra and panties from the pile and held them to my face. The smell was enchanting. I must say I prefer the subtle body odour from a worn bra than the more confronting scent of dirty panties. I savoured that scent and slipped out fo my clothes, put on the underwear, not entirely incompetently and we both threw on our pants and tops and shoes. The house was quiet, the scene was set and we slipped quietly out the slider and down the garden. This was the first time I had worn womens underwear outside and I had the boner to back it up!
First stop was the garden 3 houses down, we stopped and held our breaths for ages, I almost wanted to hear something – a reason not to go further, but there was only a gentle whisper of leaves in the trees to discourage us.
“I’ll go first” Tim whispered. “I’ll see if theres anything left out.
He crept quietly through the back fence and disappeared behind a large bush. I couldn’t see or hear him for what seemed like for ever but eventually he returned, empty handed.
“There’s a bunch of stuff!” he hissed. “I grabbed a few things.” Reaching into his pants he pulled out a fistful of material. “I have no idea what it is, it was too dark to see properly.”
“Shall we keep going?”
“Sure, where to now?”
“Helens. Mums friend.” We headed off down the path in near blackness until we got to the main road half way down the hill. We darted across the road and into the shadows where we made our way a few tens of meters to the next public access. This one was fully maintained and used but deserted at this time of night. My house looked out onto the lower half of the hundered or so steps. We sneaked up the footpath and into Helens garden path. The gate opened silently and we crept across the lawn until the washing line came into view in the dim glow of the streetlights over the fence. There were things on it but it wasn’t until we were almost underneath that I could make out anything specific. I stood there for a few seconds looking up in awe. There were at least 10 pairs of frilly knickers hanging in a row. Next to them, 3 or 4 bras were hanging from one end with the cups at perfect face height. I was in heaven at that moment. Among the montage of tshirts, shorts, jeans and the usual laundry I found a few more interenting looking items. No idea what they were – couldn’t see well enough. Tim reached up and picked off 2 pairs of panties and 2 bras and I grabbed 2 of the inidentified objects. One I instantly recognised as pantyhose and the other just felt smooth and slippery. We snuck out the way we came in.
“One more?” Tim asked.
“OK. but lets not push our luck.” Tim handed me the prizes and told me to stuff them down my pants. As i was wearing probably emilys cute lace trimmed briefs, there wasn’t much room but we made it work. We both looked a bit ridiculous with large mounds in our trousers as we made our was to the end of the path and through the gate.
“I want to see what we have already.” I breathed to Tim.
“Have to wait. It’s too dark” he replied. “lets head back, I have an idea.”
We turned back and headed towards his place. As we began climbing back up the forgotten pathway I was beginning to think Tim had forgotten about his idea. I was just looking forward to turning the light on! As we got clear of houses an near his garden gate, Tim turned to me and said
“Sylvia lives at the end of the track.”
That one statement almost made me poop. Sylvia was a girl who was 2 years older than us. She was the hottest girl in the suburb and quite possibly the hottest girl on the planet. And she was the stereotype hottest girl in school. Only dated hot guys with cool cars, always looked immaculate with her long straight hair and wasn’t particularly a nice person either. But every guy in school wanted some of it. We were going to get our share. Tim carefully counted the houses as we crawled noisily up the heavily overgrown pathway. The gate latch was long rusted so we climbed over and made our way through some bushy trees into the back garden. Right beside the empty clothesline. Tim tugged my arm and we returned the way we came. We swept silently up the garden and through the ranchslider. Tim already had his stash out of his pants and put it on the bad in 2 piles. I followed and soon we were admiring our score. He turned to me and grinned. “too bad about Sylvia. but lets just keep checking. I bet something will turn up.”
The first pile was from the first house and Tim had snagged 2 pairs of panties and a camisole. I held up one pair. They were full cut all nylon, white and enormous. The camisole was just as big. I don’t know who lived there but I could tell it wasn’t going to work out between us. The second pair were more intersting. A thong. Bright red. It didn’t seem quite so large and was actually quite hot. Worth keeping.
Pile 2 was Helens. I’ll never forget. a pair of plain black pantyhose, a black Bendon Lavish Lace bra, one matching panty and another set in nude, I think. The point is I’d seen these items in the flyers and magazines. Now I owned them! The last item was a small top i think. Tim began undressing, his eyes fixed on the red thong. I followed and picked out the black Bendon set. A bit big but still fitting ok. Now I was horny as hell at this point, pumped full of adrenaline and tenting my new found underwear, I climbed onto the bed and began stroking myself to thoughts of the women in the same underwear in the magazines.
What happened next is a story for another time.