“If you shaved that it wouldn’t hurt,” Drury said
knowingly. In one rough thrust there were two fingers
inside her, probing the smooth walls of her sex.
Stanton allowed herself to exhale when Drury removed
them, seemingly hours later.

“Bend over more,” Drury commanded. Again Stanton
complied. Drury spread some jelly around the winking
hole of Stanton’s ass and then worked a gloved finger
inside. She used her middle finger, and placed the
butt of her palm against one of the smooth strong
cheeks of Stanton’s ass. Awkward as that was, it left
Drury an open view of the woman’s pussy flushed red
and wet with lube.

Drury pushed in until her knuckles rested along the
crack of Stanton’s ass. She heard the naked woman gasp
for air. The CO smiled and took her time removing her
chubby finger. Drury stepped back and took a moment to
admire the fine form in front of her before ripping
her gloves off.

“OK, get dressed,” Drury said. Then she mumbled to
herself, “Did that little girl a favor. Now her con
boyfriend can take her any way he wants her.”

Stanton rushed back into her clothes. She avoided
looking at Drury and followed her out of the room.
Outside the door stood a tall male CO with a toothpick
jutting from between his lips. He wore sunglasses,
tinted dark brown, but tilted his head up and down to
let her know he was looking her over. He shifted the
toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other and

“Oh, Jesus,” Stanton thought, “He saw that, didn’t he?
Through a window? Maybe even a camera. They probably
have that on tape. They’ll be taking bribes from
convicts to show it on television.” That kind of
corruption was the reason she was there. The Bureau
had an agent inside the prison to investigate
allegations from former inmates. The undercover
operation was running smoothly until one inmate made a
big stink one night. He had noticed that although the
agent wrote and received plenty of letters, he never
had a visitor. Enter Shelby Taylor, as portrayed by
Special Agent Stanton.

The tall CO stepped out of Stanton’s way when the
magnetic lock released. A loud buzz sounded, a green
light flashed, and the barred door to the visitors’
area slid open. Stanton was one of the last in, having
been delayed by the strip search. Drury hadn’t offered
her anything to clean herself with, and as she walked
through the tables, she felt the lube squish between
her legs. Almost as cloying, she felt the eyes of
guards and prisoners on her as she looked for the

Stanton was given his assumed name, Leo Calderone.
Without knowing his real name, it was impossible to
slip up. She had seen his picture, and he had the dark
Latin features to match his surname. Stanton scanned
the room, looking for him. She spotted one inmate with
a woman’s head bobbing up and down between his legs,
and another with a blonde straddling his lap, a short
skirt hiding their copulation from view. What a
welcome, Stanton thought. She spotted Leo. “Leo,