“What’s the matter, Shelby?”

Blown. It was the only word that came to mind.



Stanton snapped back to her surroundings. Wondering
where Curly was, she took a quick look around. To the
left was a woman resting on a prisoner’s lap. They
must have finished. She wondered if the other one was
done giving head to her…

“C’mon, Shelby,” Leo pleaded, “What is it?”

No sooner had he finished asking the question than
Stanton’s head was buried in his lap, and her fingers
were working the button fly of his prison coveralls.
The undercover agent was so surprised when she took
hold of his floppy dick that it actually shrunk back a
bit. “What the…?”

The man gasped when Stanton took his limp organ in her
mouth and swirled her tongue around its soft crown.
Whatever surprise and nervousness he felt dwindled
rapidly, and in equal measure his cock swelled in
size. “Oh, fuck!” he stammered. This was the first
time he’d ever met the brunette agent and her pretty
blue eyes; now she was kneeling between his legs and
sucking on his prick as if a snake had bit him and she
needed to extract the venom.

“Damn, Shelby,” he said in utter amazement. This agent
sure as hell knew how to get into the act. Quite a
finale considering a few minutes ago she was signaling
that under no circumstances was she making a repeat
performance. His cock had stiffened and lengthened,
but she continued to work over its full length, with
her hands resting on his thighs, and her dark hair
falling near his navel.

Who was this woman? He wanted to get another look at
her. As he tried to brush her hair out of the way, one
of her hands leapt off his lap and slapped him sharply
on the wrist. For the first time since she’d suddenly
dropped to her knees, Stanton released her mouth from
his shaft. “Leave the hair alone,” she said quickly,
before going back to work.

“Whatever you say, baby.” He was as confused as when
she started, but aroused enough not to care anymore.
Rock hard, his cock pulsed in her mouth. Stanton
thought Curly had to have passed by now. She pulled
off again, taking the wet sticky shaft in her hand.
“Can you see Curly?”

“Curly?” he said in surprise. It just so happened the
man was walking by at the time.

“Yeah, what you want, man?” Curly asked loudly.

Stanton’s heart leaped into her throat. It was a good
thing that she no longer had a cock there; the
collision could have been rough. She had to get rid of
Curly. She squeezed Leo’s cock. “Ahhh,” he exclaimed.
“Nothing, man. I’m busy.”

“Shit, I can see that. Izzat yo woman?”

“Yeah,” Leo answered.