“Well, when she’s done there, send her my way.”

“Fuck you, Curly.”

Curly laughed and walked away. “See ya back at the
yard, man.”

Now Leo could guess why the agent had buried her face
in his lap. That was a pretty smart move. He was about
to tell her that the coast was clear when he
remembered that he was sporting a monster hard-on,
there was a blue-eyed girl with her head between his
legs, and he was in prison, undercover or not. “Keep
going,” he whispered. “Curly’s a few feet behind you.”

She worked slowly and methodically. Leo helped by
guiding her head with his hand, but he was careful to
let her hair cover her face. Her mouth was warm and
wet sliding along his rigid prick. “Keep going,” he
said. “That’s so good.”

Stanton heard the last bit of what he said, and it was
her turn to realize what was going on. But she was a
bit too late. Leo erupted in orgasm and two months of
frustration burst from his balls and into the roof of
her mouth. If she pulled off at that point, she risked
a shot in her face or hair, so Stanton let him blast
away. Two, three, four warm streams filled her cheeks.
When the spasms stopped, Stanton opened her mouth. The
goo trickled along his shaft and down onto his balls
in his coveralls. Most of it, anyway. She wanted to
smack him, but instead she kept to their cover. She
actually smiled.

“You’re the best, Shelby.” he said, and meant it.

“I can’t wait until I get you outside this prison,”
she replied.

She meant it, too.

Stanton let him peck her on the cheek, and then she
turned to leave. Naturally, Curly was nowhere to be
seen. As she walked, she felt the lube again between
her legs. She wanted a shower. She wanted a breath
mint. She needed to get the hell out of there. What
she got was a guard stopping her on the way out.

“That was a helluva show you put on there.” Drury said
to her.

“Fuck off,” Stanton replied.

“Hold on there, bitch,” the guard said, catching her
by the arm.

Instinctively, Stanton thought of flipping the CO over
her hip. Instead she stopped and stayed in character.
Drury went on talking. “We have rules here, and that
little indecent act is against ’em.” Stanton met her
with a blank stare. “The fine is fifty bucks,” she

A bribe, Stanton thought. On top of all that, she
expects a bribe. Stanton pulled three twenties from
her jeans and thrust them at the CO. “Happy now?”

“Not really. But now that you know the rules I guess
you can go.”

Not really happy, Stanton thought. She wasn’t the only
one. She made her way back to the beat-up CRX the
bureau procured for Shelby Taylor and headed back to
the field office. During the debriefing, she simply
mentioned a ‘distraction’ that she arranged with Leo
when she saw Curly. She filled out the bureau’s
copious forms, and a local field agent gave her a lift
to her hotel. After a long hot shower, she met her
partner Maytag at the hotel bar.