Molly and Zach start exploring their sexuality after the night the spent with their parents.

How Traditions Start – part 3An original story by Starrynight


Zach and Molly tiptoed upstairs, careful not to wake their siblings. They barely said a word as they drank their tea and headed for bed. Liz hugged Molly fiercely, asking her if she was alright which she assured her she was, and Tom shook his son’s hand and gave him a nervous smile. They climbed to the top of the stairs and headed for their adjoining rooms exhausted.

“Come in for a sec” Molly told her brother as she entered her room. He nodded, followed her in and closed the door behind him. “So?” Molly asked her brother wide eyed “How was it?”

“It was, pretty amazing” Zach told his sister and felt a little awkward. They were always close, but this was a topic they never came close to talking about.

“What did you and mom do?” she asked him as she took a seat on her bed and looked up at him.

“What do you mean what did we do?” Zach asked blushing “You know what we did.”

“I know you had sex, but what was it like” Molly pushed.

“Really, you want me to tell you what mom and I did?” Zach asked surprised.

“Yeah, stop being so shy,” Molly told her twin brother “I’ll tell you what dad and I did if you do.”

“Fine” Zach said decisively. He hated being called shy, and after taking a seat next to his sister on the bed, he started telling her the details of the sexual encounter he had with his mom. He told her how their mother took her clothes off for him, how they kissed and how she stroked his penis and sucked on it. He continued by how she guided him on how to lick a woman’s vagina, how to put on a condom and finally, he told his sister how she spread her legs for him and stripped him of his virginity.

Molly listened carefully as her brother told her what he and their mother did in the guest bedroom. She could feel her freshly deflowered womanhood moistening as her brother spoke. When he finished telling, he wanted to hear what it was like for her and their dad and she told him. She described how their dad removed his clothes in front of her eyes and asked her to do the same. How he kissed her, on her lips, on her breasts, her stomach, and her thighs. How he hungrily devoured her cunnie with his mouth, how she in turn jerked and sucked on his manhood, and how her father penetrated her, popping her cherry, turning her into a woman, and the pain and pleasure it brought with it.

Zach listened to his sister as they slowly slid into a laying position on her bed. He listened to her sweet voice as she recalled what their father and she did. He felt his penis getting hard but was too tired to do anything about it, so he just listened to his sister until she finished telling what happened.