Zach continued sucking on his sister’s perfect breasts for little while, enjoying the way her body reacted to his sucking and pinching her nipples, before moving down along her naked body. He brushed over her flat stomach, sexy bush, and down to her tight little pussy.

“Oh fuck” Molly said while stifling a moan as her brother found her clit. He barely touched it, giving it a teasing little lick before moving his tongue down and running it along her slit. “Yes!” Molly whispered as her brother parted her pussy with his tongue and pushed it inside her, studying her delicate folds as he stuck his tongue deeper inside her.

Zach spread his sister’s legs and breathed in her scent as he pushed his tongue into her teenage snatch. He could taste her tart juices on his tongue and used his right hand to spread her pussy lips apart, exposing her pink flower to his nibble tongue even more.

“Oh, that feels amazing” Molly moaned as her brother burrowed his tongue deeper into her. Molly bucked her pussy against her brother’s tongue, and then grabbed his short hair and pressed him against her pussy. The way he was licking her was driving her mad with pleasure, and she kept moaning as he snaked his tongue around her wet cunt.

Zach kept eating his sister out hungrily. He studied every inch of her twat with his tongue, making her moan in pleasure as he did. He embraced the warmth radiating off her nubile body and could feel her arousal growing with every movement of his tongue inside her.

“Oh god yes!” Molly moaned as he pushed a finger inside her, pulling his tongue out and brushing it along her outer lips as he started to drive the finger in and out of her. Molly closed her eyes and surrendered to her brother completely, letting his sexual touches wash over her as she moaned. “Fu…!” she started yelling before she put her hand over her mouth as Zach brought the tip of his tongue over to her clit. She reopened her eyes and looked at her brother as he started tormenting her clit with his tongue while still fingering her. He kept this up for a few seconds, licking on and around her clit with the tip of his tongue before he closed his mouth around her clit and sucked on it hard.

Molly started moaning like crazy as she exploded. Her legs and torso started to shiver, and she did her best to stifle her moans as a wave of raw pleasure shot through her. She closed her eyes and arched her back as her pussy convulsed around her brother’s finger. She felt the waves of unbearable pleasure reach every corner of her body as her orgasm surged through her, making her vision blur until she stopped shuddering and rested motionless on her bed.

“That was…so amazing!” Molly said to her brother while still panting as he extracted himself from her pussy and propped himself next to her. Molly noticed Zach’s cock was hard again, and after she caught her breath, she started stroking him again.