“Condoms?” her father asked in surprise “Why the hell do you need condoms?”

“Well,” Zach started mumbling after building up the nerve “a little after the night of our birthday, Molly and I started…exploring each other” Zach started saying.

“Did you two…?” Tom asked horrified.

“No dad, we did not have sex, YET. You taught us better, which is exactly why we’re here” Molly said a little annoyed with her father’s tone.

“Kids,” Liz started saying before matters got out of hand “let your father and me think it over tonight. We’ll continue discussing this tomorrow.” Liz finished saying and quickly pulled Tom to bed.

“Can you believe this?” Tom asked his wife as they walked into their bedroom and started getting ready for bed. He was so shocked with what his kids just asked of them.

“I never thought this would happen, but I can’t say I’m very surprised” Liz told her husband as she removed her clothes.

“Is that so?” Tom asked his wife as he looked at her after she stripped down to her bra and panties.

“Yes,” Liz said “think about it, they are two teenagers who just had sex for the first time. It’s only natural they will want more.” Liz said and removed her bra, freeing her large round boobs. “To tell you the truth, I thought there is a chance they would come and ask us we could have sex again.” Liz said while removing her panties as she faced her husband.

“Still,” Tom said removing his clothes too “I can’t believe they want to have sex with each other. They’re brother and sister” he said with a mixture of disgust and arousal as he looked down at his wife’s vagina. She did not shave it since having sex with their son, and it was covered with prickly stubble.

“I’m kind of relieved,” Liz said “it means that having sex with us didn’t traumatize them too much. Also, the fact they came asking for condoms instead of having sex shows that we did something right” Liz continued saying while putting on a clean pair of panties and bra.

“So, what do you think,” Tom asked as he pulled his boxers off, exposing his thick semi erect penis for a second and pulling on a clean pair “should we give them the condoms?”

“I think so” Liz said to her husband as she walked over to the bathroom. “We can give them that pack we bought for last week. I was going to give it to Zach when he left for college anyway” Liz said with her voice trailing off as she half closed the bathroom door. “What do you think honey?” Liz asked.

“I also think we should give it to them,” Tom said as he got under the covers. “but I don’t like the message it sends. It’s like we’re encouraging them to have sex.”

“Not encouraging them to have sex Tom, encouraging them to have SAFE sex.” Liz corrected her husband as she joined him under the covers. “Plus, I think it will be good for them” Liz added.