“You’re right,” Tom said “they are just more likely to have unprotected sex. This way, at least they will be doing it safe. But in what way will it be good for them?” Tom asked his wife as he felt her warm body next to his.

“Well, their first time with us taught them what to do, but Zach was extremely nervous, and I’m assuming Molly was too.” Liz started saying. “This way, they will feel free to explore their sexuality with one another. I bet they feel much more comfortable asking and exploring each other than they did with us” Liz said.

After discussing the subject in length, Liz and Tom agreed they would give their children condoms to use. They kissed each other good night, their minds involuntarily wandering to what their twins will do with the condoms, as Liz and Tom drifted to sleep.

The following day, Zach and Molly woke up to a lovely Sunday morning. They were nervous about hearing what their parents decided, but as the day went on, neither of their parents told them their decision.

After lunch, Zach and Molly went for a walk around their large property. They walked for almost 2 hours, reaching a small stream. Once they were far away from the house, they seized the opportunity to fool around, kissing and touching each other. They slipped their hands underneath each other’s clothes, fingering, stroking and caressing before returning to the house.

A short time before supper, Molly and Zach decided they would ask their parents what they decided after their siblings went to bed. They were excited but also fearful of their parents’ decision. They hoped they could finally conjugate but knew there was a possibility their parents would not approve.

“Zach, Molly,” their mother started saying later that night after their siblings went to bed “your father and I discussed what we talked about last night.”

“We decided” Tom took over “that although it’s certainly not…common, for brother and sister to have these kinds of relations. We do think it would be unfair, and a little hypocritical to deny them from you after what we did with you.” Tom said in a stern voice.

“We do hope if you decide to do it,” Liz continued “to use this as a learning opportunity. To explore your sexuality in ways you did not feel comfortable with us.” Liz said and noticed her children’s expressions brighten up as they understood they had agreed.

Liz briskly walked over to her bedroom and came back a few seconds later with a box of condoms. It was the same ones that she used on Zach on his birthday and knew it would fit him, unlike the ones Tom used with Molly which were larger.

“Thanks” Zach mumbled awkwardly as his mother gave him the box.

“One last thing,” Liz added “if you plan and using them tonight, we suggest you do it in the guest bedroom. We don’t want your sisters or brother waking up and asking all sorts of questions tomorrow.” Liz added, and both her kids blushed.