“Not just yet” Zach said to his sister and got to his knees on the floor. He moved his mouth to his sister’s vagina and started kissing it gently, starting at the clit and kissing it all over.

“Ooohh, what are you doing?” Molly said with a moan as she felt her brother’s lips caressing her vulva.

“Making sure your vagina is nice and wet for me” Zach said teasingly and continued to kiss his sister’s muff. Zach continued arousing her for a few more minutes, moving from kissing to licking her slit, and then pushing a finger in and feeling how soaking wet she was. He knew she was ready for him.

Molly stayed still as her brother stopped playing with her cunnie and got to his feet. She rested on the bed and watched her brother as he stepped over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom. She watched fascinated as he ripped the wrapper open and fumbled with it until he managed to slide it along his hard cock. He gave her a weak smile and moved back, positioning himself between her spread legs. She was offering her womanhood to him, her delicate flower. It was supposed to be a forbidden fruit, one that brothers and fathers are not supposed to taste, but it was too late for Molly, her father saw to that. All she could think of was feeling Zach’s long hard shaft entering her.

“Fuck sis, you look so hot” Zach said while looking down at her. He rarely called her ‘sis’, but using it now turned him on even more. It emphasized the taboo act they were in, the same act his own mother introduced to him the previous week. He slid his hands along her smooth thighs, rubbed her vagina gently, then pressed his penis against his sister’s vulva.

“Yes Zach, I want to feel you inside of me” Molly said lustfully. She moaned as her brother’s covered cock contacted her sensitive region. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it along her slit a few times before bringing the tip to her entrance and slowly pushing it in.

“Oh yes Molly!” Zach grunted as he penetrated his twin sister’s pink snatch. He could not believe how tight her pussy was, her walls pushing down on his cock so hard. He couldn’t stop moaning as he pushed himself into her.

“Ooohhh” Molly moaned quietly as her brother breached her, penetrating her sacred hole with his long hard rod. Pleasure caused her to shiver as her brother pushed himself deeper, stretching her young cunt until he was all the way in. She could feel his balls touching her taint and shivered again as her brother filled her like only their father had before.

“Molly, you’re so tight” Zach said with a groan as he slowly pulled his cock out and pushed it back in, her incredible tightness making him moan with pleasure as he defiled her to their mutual moans of pleasure, repeatedly thrusting his dick into her with long slow motions.