“Did you think I was done with you?” Zach retorted, the hungry look in his sister’s eyes turning him on even more. Zach gave his cock a few strokes, making sure it stayed hard and walked over to the nightstand. He grabbed another condom and quickly slid it over his manhood. “You be on top this time” Zach told his sister who was still on her back watching him.

“Okay” Molly said, not sure exactly what it meant but sat up and moved aside, letting her brother climb onto the bed and lay on his back, his cock pointing up provocatively. “What now?” Molly asked her brother. It was a something her father and her didn’t do.

“Now climb on top of me and lower yourself onto my penis” Zach told his sister, realizing that she didn’t try the position with their father. The thought that he was showing his sister a sexual position she never tried before made his cock twitch.

Molly did as her brother said and climbed on top of him. She sat down on his stomach, placing her hands on his hard abs as she started lifting herself. Zach held her waist and watched her as she lowered herself onto his erect member. She could feel her brother’s shaft poking her from bellow as she lowered herself, but as she tried to slide onto his cock, it slipped to the side. Molly lifted herself up again, but this time, she grabbed her brother’s hard shaft, guiding it to her opening and impaling herself on it, moaning loudly as her brother breached her once more.

“Oh my god, yes!” Molly moaned as she took her brother’s cock deep into her tight snatch, stretching it with unworldly pleasure that made them both moan aloud. Molly loved fooling around with her brother, letting him lick and finger her, but as she took his entire 6 inches inside her, she knew there was no comparing what they did until tonight, to the overwhelming pleasure of being penetrated by his hard cock.

“Oh fuck, Molly!” Zach groaned as his sister’s tight cunt hugged his cock. He looked up and down her amazing naked body as she sat on his lap with his cock buried deep inside her. Zach felt more confident this time, knowing that he could last longer after cumming once, and with his sister’s gaze on his face, he tightened his grip on her waist and started moving her pussy up and down his cock.

“Oh yes, that feels so good!” Molly moaned as her brother made her ride his dick. She quickly got the hang of it and took over, slowly gliding her young twat along Zach’s cock.

The room filled with their incestuous moans as Molly rode her brother’s cock. Molly closed her eyes and started playing with her nipples as she bounced up and down her brother’s shaft, controlling the pace of their fucking. She could not stop moaning as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her brother, and with each downward motion, her teenage body rippled with pleasure.