After Molly finished telling her brother in gruesome details, how their father breached her, they just lay there quietly. They were both so tired, they simply drifted off to sleep on Molly’s bed.

It wasn’t until late the following morning that they woke up. Molly was the first to wake, and she just lay there and looked at her brother as he slept. She noticed the bulge in his pants and looked at it with fascination until he woke up.

“Morning” Molly said when she saw Zach open his eyes after he stirred a little.

“Morning,” he said in a hoarse voice “I guess we dozed off here” he added and sat up on the bed. He noticed his morning wood was harder than usual, and when he looked at his sister to see if she noticed it, he saw her looking straight at it and turned red. “Sorry” Zach mumbled and tried to adjust the erection in his pants while his sister looked at him.

“Can I see it?” Molly asked curiously to Zach’s surprise.

“See what?” he asked trying to make sure he was understanding her correctly.

“Your penis.” Molly said and blushed as her brother looked at her speechless. “Come on,” she added “just a peek. I’ll let you see me naked if you do.” She said tempting him.

“Okay” Zach finally said after contemplating. “But if I show you mine, you show me yours right after?” Zach asked, and Molly nodded. Zach got to his feet and turned around to face his sister. He then unzipped his pants and with one motion, pulled them along with his boxers down to his knees, freeing his very hard cock.

Molly sat on the bed and looked at her brother’s penis with awe. She compared it to their father’s and noted the differences. Zach’s penis was much thinner than their father but about the same length if not longer. He had untrimmed black hair around the base and his penis looked much younger and smoother than her dad’s. Molly realized her brother had a very nice penis and felt herself getting wet just by looking at it.

Zach said nothing and stood on display as his sister gazed at his hard member. He thought that the longer he will let her look at him, the longer she will show herself to him. They stayed like that for two or three minutes, when suddenly, they heard footsteps coming and after a few seconds, the door being opened.

“Hi guys, mom told me to wake you up for breakfast” Presley said after opening the door and stepping in. Zach managed to pull his pants up at the last second and his younger sister had no idea what they were doing. “Did you sleep in here?” Presley asked Zach.

“We fell asleep by accident” Zach said and looked at Molly who nodded.

“We’ll be right down” Molly added and got up. “We’ll pick this up later” Molly whispered to her brother, then went to freshen up as Zach went to his room to get a change of clothes.