“Oh yes!” Zach whispered and closed his eyes as his orgasm hit him. He moaned in pleasure as a first spurt of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the floor. Molly looked at him with awe as he kept jerking himself off and moaning, while load after load of white sticky matter shot out of his penis and onto the floor near her legs.

“Wow” Molly said with amazement after her brother finished ejaculating and let go of his cock. She stopped touching herself and looked at her brother’s receding dick.

A sudden wave of embarrassment filled Zach after he got his sexual release. He could not believe he just came in front of his sister like that and did not know what to say as he looked at his cock go limp. Molly on her part, looked at the mess he made on the floor, and without saying another word, grabbed her clothes and quietly fled to her room.

The next day, despite feeling embarrassed, all Zach could think about was seeing Molly naked again. When he saw her at breakfast, she gave him a naughty smile, which she seemed to do throughout the day. Zach considered asking Molly if they could repeat last night’s shenanigans again before bed, but he was hesitant.

After Zach finished his duties for the day, and before dinner, he went upstairs to wash up. The entire family was still outside, doing various work around the farm and he climbed the stairs and entered the bathroom. He took his clothes off, turned on the water and walked into the shower. Zach was enjoying the sensation of the warm water washing over him when he heard the bathroom door open.

“Hey, I’m in here” he yelled as he heard the door close.

“I know,” a familiar voice said, “I thought I would join you.” Molly added, and Zach felt his cock starting to harden. He heard her remove her clothes and after a few seconds she opened the opaque shower door.

“What are you doing?” Zach asked in excitement as his naked sister stepped into the shower with him. “Someone could catch us.” He added.

“We’ll make something up” she said slyly and looked at her naked brother. She studied his semi erect penis and noticed it hardening due to her naked presence. “Besides, that’s part of the fun.” she added with a fiendish grin and started lathering her body with soap.

Zach looked at his naughty sister covering herself with soap and starting to rub her body sexually. She rubbed her adorable tits, slid her hand along her stomach to rub her soapy pubic mound and pussy, and then turned around and started rubbing soap all over tight ass. She was teasing her him with her hot young body and Zach could only look and hope.

“Can you help me soap my back?” Molly asked her brother seemingly innocent and handed him the soap. Zach poured some on her back without hesitation and started rubbing it all over. He ran his hands along her bare back, from her shoulders down to the small of her back and stopped just above her bottom. “You can continue down” Molly told her brother.