Zach hesitated for a second before gliding his hand down to his sister’s ass. It was so firm and round Zach had to squeeze it, and Molly moaned quietly as he did. Zach was in heaven as he put some more soap and continued. He could not believe his was touching Molly’s tight ass and squeezed it gently before moving down to her soft thighs and rubbing them too. Molly’s pussy was peeking between her legs, and Zach moved his hands along her thighs until he reached her outer folds and moved back down.

“You can touch me there if you want” Molly said to her brother as her lust grew. She could feel her wetness growing down there.

“Really?” Zach asked hopeful and his sister assured him he could. Zach then slid his right palm along her thigh until he reached her intimate folds and started rubbing his sister’s soft vulva.

Molly whimpered with pleasure as her brother’s hand found her vagina and started rubbing it. It felt so good, she moaned and closed her eyes as Zach started running his finger along her delicate slit.

Molly let Zach play with her pussy from behind for a couple of seconds, and then turned around to face him. The twins looked each other in the eyes for second, sharing a brief look of sexual discretion before Molly grabbed her brother’s hand, and guided it back to her.

Zach placed his hand over Molly’s pussy and slid it up along her slippery teenage body. He brought it over to her left breast and started caressing it gently. He squeezed his sister’s beautiful tit, brushing around her areola and pinching her nipple gently, causing Molly to moan with pleasure. Zach gave her right breast a similar treatment before gliding his hand back down her smooth stomach. He ran a hand along her golden bush, brushing her clit softly, and gently pressed his finger as he ran it along her slit.

“Oh yeah!” Molly let out with a moan as her brother found her pussy once more. He parted her lips with his finger, probing around until he found her opening and slowly pushed his finger inside her. “Oh fuck!” Molly moaned and closed her eyes as her brother’s finger infiltrated her pussy. He studied her warm hole as he pushed his finger deeper, and once he was all the way inside, he started slowly fingering her.

“Do you like it like this?” Zach asked his sister, remembering what his mother told him.

“Yes,” Molly said clearly enjoying herself “maybe a little faster” she told her brother who quickly obliged. “Yes! Just like that” she added with a moan and closed her eyes, stifling ecstatic moans as her brother fingered her in perfect rhythm.

The warm water kept washing over them as Zach continued to pleasure his sister. He kept pushing his finger in and out of her, looking at her closed eyes and the way she put a hand over her mouth to keep herself from being too loud. He kept this up for a few minutes until he decided to try something.