“Mmm” Molly groaned and opened her eyes in surprise. She looked down at her brother’s hand and saw him rubbing her clit with his thumb while his finger was still inside her. She could feel her release building up until a jolt of pleasure took her. “Oh my god” she whispered hoarsely and felt a small shudder in her legs as a small orgasm hit her. She could feel her pussy squeeze Zach’s finger and felt a sudden rush of pleasure taking hold of her body.

“Did you just…?” Zach asked amazed as he looked at his sister’s flustered body and pulled his finger out of her scorching snatch.

“Yes,” Molly answered “and now it’s your turn” she added and grabbed her brother’s hard cock. It felt smooth in her hand, and she could wrap her hand easily around it, unlike her father’s thick member. She heard her brother gasp as she took his penis in her hand, and after pouring a little soap on it, started stroking him.

“Oh god Molly” Zach let out as his sister started tugging on his dick. She wrapped her palm tightly around his penis and slowly jerked its entire length to her brother’s sexual groans. She enjoyed the feeling of holding it, of squeezing it, and of how her brother’s body succumbed to her touch.

Molly jerked her brother off while facing him until it started feeling uncomfortable. When she gave her father a handjob, she was sitting next to him, but by facing Zach she could not hold his penis the same way. She kept stroking him a little longer, then stepped behind him and continued jerking him off.

“Oh fuck” Zach moaned as Molly moved behind him and started stroking his cock with her hands wrapped around him. She pressed her body into his back, and he could feel her hard nipples and pubic hair pressing against his bare backside as she started stroking him faster.

Molly looked over her brother’s shoulder and watched her hand as it slid along his erection. She loved it, the way her body pressed into Zach’s, the warm water cascading over her bac, and the way her brother moaned and groaned to her forbidden sisterly touch.

“Molly, go faster” Zach said with urgency in his voice. “Oh god yes!” Zach called out as Molly quickly stroked him “Fuck Molly, I’m gonna cum” he announced with a moan and started grunting.

Molly kept jacking her brother off. She felt his cock, along with his entire body tense as she made him climax. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hand and kept stroking it as Zach shot load after load of his sperm down the drain while grunting in pleasure. Molly kept stroking his dick until she completely drained it, and after feeling his body relax, she let go of him.

“Holly shit” Zach said staring at his twin sister and Molly nodded in agreement. They quickly finished up in the shower and stepped out to the steamy bathroom. They dried themselves off and got dressed, each taking the time to look at the other’s naked body. It was now clear to them that they wanted each other. It was something neither of them thought about until a few days ago, but now was as clear as daylight. It was like losing their virginity to their parents awakened some deep sexual hunger towards each other.