“Fuck Molly, I’m close” Zach said with a moan while his sister pleasured him with her mouth. He had lasted longer than he had with his mother, but he knew he would not hold it in much longer. “Can I ejaculate in your mouth?” he asked her, remembering what his mother said and wishing she would agree.

“What?” Molly asked astounded and quickly pulled her mouth off her brother’s penis. “You want to cum inside my mouth?” Molly asked shocked.

“Well, yeah.” Zach said and turned red. “Mom said that some girls don’t like it, so I need to check.” Zach told his sister nervously.

“Mom? Really?” Molly asked surprised. It was something her father didn’t even mention. “And when you and her…did she let you do that?” Molly asked her brother. The thought of her brother squirting his sperm into her mouth disgusted her.

“Yes” Zach said and blushed. “Well, I don’t think she planned on it, it just sort-of happened.” He added.

“I don’t think I want to do that” Molly said to her disappointed brother after thinking it over. “Let me know when you’re almost there and I’ll finish with my hand” she said and took her brother’s shaft back into her mouth. His cock receded a little while she stopped, but quickly hardened once she continued to suck him.

“Oh god, that feels so good” Zach let out as he watched Molly bob her head up and down his cock, pushing over half of his length into her mouth every time. “Molly, I’m about to cum” Zach said and watched as his sister pull her lips off his cock and use her hand to stroke it fast. Molly stroked her brother until his cock quickly exploded. “Oh yes!” Zach moaned as he felt waves of pleasure starting to rush through him. He squirted a massive amount onto his stomach, shooting load after load as Molly kept stroking him eagerly, every motion of her hand along his shaft sending another jolt of pleasure through him until his orgasm came to an end.

Molly let go of her brother’s cock and looked at the pile of sticky goo on his stomach. She could feel her sexual juices gushing out of her and waited for her brother to recover and repay her. As she waited for her brother, she went over to her closet, took out an old towel, and threw it at him.

Zach grabbed the towel and wiped himself off, while Molly took her place next to him on her back. Once he finished, Zach looked at his sexy naked sister, and climbed on top of her.

Molly moaned as Zach got on top of her and started to kiss her lustfully. He gave her a few intrusive kisses, then started tracing his tongue along her body.

“Mmmm” Molly moaned as Zach reached her boobs and started licking them. He kissed each breast, then started teasing her nipples with his tongue, then sucking on her hard nubs. “Oh yes!” Molly moaned in pleasure as Zach sucked on her sensitive nipples, and he quickly brought a hand over her mouth to keep her from getting too loud.